• The Supplicants

    5 Sep 2011, 06:15 by kmullin

    One of the nicest things I discovered by joining last.fm is the group The Supplicants.
    Bass, drum kit, two wind players in various forms (2 tenors, 2 sopranos, tenor + soprano, bass clarinet + tenor, bass clarinet + soprano).

    This is a group. Some free jazz fairly thoroughly frees itself of the usual musical organizational things like harmony, Western scales and repeating rhythmic patterns. The result sounds less like what the typical call person would music.

    The Supplicants don’t quite go this free. They often keep repetitive bass figures (ostinato) or bass drones that two wind instruments solo over in a mostly way although they are not confined to keeping within the scale. They recall some of the beautiful stuff coming out of the 60s. If you like folks like Alice Coltrane, Pharoah Sanders, John Coltrane's stuff from 1961 Village Vanguard and onward, then you may dig The Supplicants. Very meditative, spiritual…