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  • Avatar for anabellas
    ♫ We won't be afraid to be happy. It's not so easy feeling everything! Lindaaaaaaaaaaaaa <3
  • Avatar for LUCE08
    new single; can't wait for the new album
  • Avatar for enoch2702
    Birds is good. Looking forward to the new album.
  • Avatar for eriksilkensen
    yep.. really like the sound of birds.. excited for the new album now
  • Avatar for romfromf
  • Avatar for rakista
    Grand for a walk in a quick burst of sunshine before the clouds come in.
  • Avatar for cesarojedac
    Modern Inventions
  • Avatar for notheotherone
    They make such happy-making music! I haven't heard all of their songs yet, but I adore what I've heard.
  • Avatar for vanskiste
    1940, Brighter Discontent, Peace and Hate. Amazing.
  • Avatar for BornDeadDarling
    I love this band <3
  • Avatar for yezpp
  • Avatar for a13xTM
    ahh, I've loved them for so long! They're so amazing.
  • Avatar for alexakaz
    I need more Submarines badly! Anyone know where I can find the remixes?
  • Avatar for robertoszym
  • Avatar for greencapsule
  • Avatar for YeshuaTheGreat
    When you kiss me in ways I've forgotten <3
  • Avatar for Gochir
    But this band sounds better than "The Cardigans"
  • Avatar for Gochir
    Her voice remembers me to the singer of "The Cardigans"
  • Avatar for moonchapter
  • Avatar for MMarjolein
    Ready or not. <3
  • Avatar for Jason_Ramone
    you're great :D
  • Avatar for jillybutt
    fern beard, is my favourite right now.
  • Avatar for joNafuNfageT
    Xavia love!
  • Avatar for ymscs8
    Please! Third album urgent! @@
  • Avatar for fakeblueyes
    xavia ♥
  • Avatar for aFINEmess18
    You, Me & The Burgeoisie
  • Avatar for Gayball86
    very good!!!
  • Avatar for satann_claus
    @Hybrido, Even I got to know about this band via Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist OST. Xavia was addictive as hell, loving other songs as well.
  • Avatar for Ionworm
    This is so...beautiful and catchy! I'm hooked.
  • Avatar for eriksilkensen
    excited for their 3rd album... hopefully sometime this year?
  • Avatar for Hybrido
    The other day i saw Nick and Norah, infinity playlist and found xavia, i love the song now iam searching more music =), great group
  • Avatar for a13xTM
    how is Brightest Hour not the number one song? It's the best song ever created.
  • Avatar for SoulxonxFire
    i love youuuu
  • Avatar for LUCE08
    brilliant pop, i love the album "declare a new state" i think it's so badass how she is related to f. scott fitzgerald, he's one of my favorite authors of all time
  • Avatar for D-Danny
    You, Me and the Bourgeoisie is the best song ever used in an Apple ad !
  • Avatar for Chervonact
  • Avatar for Versemonger
    You're made for each other
  • Avatar for clutchbearing
    Blake Hazard is one of my favorite people on the planet, although I haven't seen her in years. We used to play guitar and sing in City Hall Park "back in the day". Blake, I wish we were still friends (not that we're not friends;) ). I hope you become a super star some day. You are already one in my book.
  • Avatar for veronnick
    Loved <3
  • Avatar for K4liban
  • Avatar for Nastesha
  • Avatar for warningbell
    gooodgdogdogodoggodogoodgoood dog
  • Avatar for satann_claus
    Discovered this band by accident, and I aint complaining. :D Beautiful stuff!
  • Avatar for tugceeeX
    looooove your music
  • Avatar for AUTO_DEFIANCE
    Wow. I'm so glad i found these guys..
  • Avatar for Gerilynn
    Love you guys! Would love to see you play. Maybe next time I am on the west coast <3
  • Avatar for 2Fold
    chick sounds like mirah [2]
  • Avatar for D-Danny
    iPhone song- great !
  • Avatar for fi_moon
    : )
  • Avatar for caio_augusto
    You, Me, & The Bourgeoisie *o*


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