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  • Best ever. Most important album in my life. 10 years and still as fresh as ever.
  • happy 10 years, FIOE.
  • I love this album so very much. I put it on when I'm feeling really down and it helps a lot
  • The best.
  • this album tho
  • here u can find a many great things <3
  • I find this album so ridiculously better than eveything else they ever did.. The others are great, but this one is a different level. Absolutely perfect, no fillers, every song is a masterpiece.
  • this album is 2 good to ignore
  • underrated as fuck
  • meh
  • Lyrically, their best album.
  • I am a huge fan of each and every Strokes album. I do not know which is the best or which is the worst, but this is unquestionably the most underrated.
  • Man, I don't know how to feel about this one. There are perfect tracks (Juicebox, You Only Live Once), good tracks (Heart in a Cage, Razorblade), OK tracks (On The Other Side, Red Light) and tracks I don't like (Fear of Sleep, Ask Me Anything). Anyway, I still think it's better than Angles
  • m a s t e r p i e c e
  • I never got into this album. The only one I don't like so much off their discography
  • fav album <3
  • another gem )
  • The "Heavy" Production on this album ruins so many tracks... Could have been a really great album. Still like most of it, but damn
  • Melhor álbum dos Strokes. Não tem uma música que eu não ache incrível. Amo amo.
  • Fav album, I know I'm supposed to say Is this it is the best but I just largely prefer this one
  • Strokes' last perfect album. [4]
  • "meh"
  • if you dont like this album you can suck my dick. i dont understand all the hate
  • Strokes' last perfect album. [3]
  • Yup! One of my favorite albums!
  • Strokes' last perfect album. [2]
  • By far, my favorite one!
  • This is a challenging album--takes a lot of patience, but it has a LOT to say, and a LOT of good to offer.
  • Strokes' last perfect album.
  • very flawed, but great album nonetheless
  • Well.. It's the worst album, but still kick ass.
  • Amazing album. And I personally think it's their best. I love almost every song, as opposed to just a few on both Is This It and Room On Fire, and all my favourite Stroke songs are on this album.. hope the new one will be a bit similar to FIOE
  • This is my favorite Strokes album.
  • e pior capa é Room On Fire
  • Melhor album disparado! Qualidade lirica e musical impressionantes! is this it é ras cunho, prototipo, boring lo-fi perto do First Impressions of Earth. Strokes em sua melhor forma!
  • BY FAR THEIR BEST ALBUM I don't understand why fans dislike this so much
  • this album sucks
  • Kick ass album
  • First half, Second half -----------> Both beautiful ♥
  • I don't care what anyone says, I fucking love this album with my entire heart. And yes, it is much much better than Angles.
  • Not as good as the first two but better than the last (angles)
  • Are you fucking high? This album is brilliant. Angles, on the other hand...
  • Pior capa.
  • their best album ♥
  • Definitely their best one
  • indeed their best


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