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    15 Nov 2009, 01:36 by chaser_eskimo

  • The Storys were a surprise

    14 Apr 2007, 01:32 by AJKakaMax

    I discovered The Storys when I went to an Elton John gig in Worcester in the Summer of 2006. I bought their album due to their great performance. They looked and sounded great with really nice harmonies and good musicianship. Let's face it if Elton thinks they're good enough to support him then they can't be too shabby. Apparently they're supporting Elton on his 2007 UK Summer tour.

    The Storys are a six piece band from South Wales who formed in Spring 2003. Their main influence is 1970’s U.S. West Coast bands in the country-rock genre.

    The funny thing is that I wouldn't have really gone for this kind of music so it just shows that it's a good idea to be open and prepared to discover something different.

    I recommend them so check The Storys out if you have time.

    The Storys website

    The Storys on YouTube

    The Storys on My Space