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The Stone Roses

Waterfall (3:37)


  • Repeat after me: REUNION!
  • Top riff.
  • easily one of my favorite songs
  • Great guitar!
  • love this one!!
  • nothing but good can come out of the reunion ,so they make a bit of green...im payin to see it and itll be fuckin great ...guaranteed!!!
  • Fuck me chill out you knobs....let em earn a bit of coin.....classic track
  • money grabbing wank stains .
  • ....never say never to a reunion (ref John Squire / Ian Brown)....ha...money doesn't just talk, it shouts so loud it becomes deafening............hope for the fans sake they don't come back a pale comparison of the original Roses......
  • Imagine if they headlined Glasto, opened with Waterfall, playing just the riff for 5 minutes straight. Eargasm.
  • What a fucking Riff!
  • beautiful
  • don't stop!
  • so hypnotic
  • more happy days
  • oh yes.
  • just takes me back. top tune
  • nice
  • happy days
  • ahhhhhhhh, very good!!
  • esp. love Squire's 'chimes' before the record finally runs out to finish.....brilliant stuff
  • I've always loved this one.
  • Simply. Brilliant.
  • 진짜좋다 ㅋ
  • This song just makes me wanna dance around 42nd Street with my arms out. From Manchester With Love <3
  • hm
  • Happy Times!! :)
  • Reminds of the House Martins - and that's a good thing! Lovely song!
  • легенда как ни крути
  • nice groove
  • Cool night, listening them
  • makes me wanna wear bucket hats
  • beautiful song!!
  • I like it from Japan !
  • Maybe not the greatest debut album of all time, but fucking close. Wonderful song
  • She's a waterfall (Probably inspired by Metaphysical Poetry?) now I have something for my english homework, while listening to this amazing song <3!
  • one of my fav song
  • Me gusta!
  • This band rocks all time!
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=umwQG7fue84
  • Genial. Also, this is not London, this is Manchester.
  • Indie !
  • THIS!
  • It sounds like such a cliché but I really think this is the perfect pop song. I don't think you could add or subtract anything to make this better
  • ahhhh little british boys! ^_^
  • Doesn't this song just make you feel so English! It reminds me of me of London
  • "(Она) как водопад - специально для тебя" - с такими словами мне открылся мир британской музыки...:)
  • yeah
  • Love it!
  • ☼.☼.☼.☼.☼.☼.☼.☼.☼.☼.☼.☼.☼.☼.☼.☼.☼


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