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  • Avatar for BenevolentWind
    Some of my all-time favorite lyrics
  • Avatar for wingsoftoast
    First heard this on a cassette in a tent, surrounded by Anglo-Saxon burial mounds.
  • Avatar for drownedinsound2
    I wanna be a dork, i wanna be a doll :)
  • Avatar for SkywardKangaroo
    I don't have to sell my soul, he's already in me
  • Avatar for driftanddive
    A song that makes you nostalgic for a time and a scene you were never in.
  • Avatar for brenofreitass
    Just let the poor man be a Door. 3
  • Avatar for BLOODPAIN
    I wanna be a dooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooor
  • Avatar for mickolaj
    I wanna be a door? [2] seems legit
  • Avatar for demo-crassy
    I wanna be a door?
  • Avatar for abunono
    i wanna pee outdoor [2]
  • Avatar for Taboowill
    The intro has a mystical vibe
  • Avatar for Exzart
    i wanna be a dolphin
  • Avatar for Nimbie
    @ garynotrashcoug I believe he means devil, but not the literal red-and-horned-devil but rather a kind of passion/obsession that lives within him.
  • Avatar for Sophia_Pantlv
    thanks, the best memories connected with this song.
  • Avatar for peach1987
    great, great song!!! the stone roses at their best!
  • Avatar for garynotrashcoug
    Who's already in you? The devil? Is that a dumb question?
  • Avatar for white_lemur
  • Avatar for velvetovergroun
    Just let the poor man be a Door. [2]
  • Avatar for Ureksa
  • Avatar for Yungteol
    i wanna pee outdoor
  • Avatar for swift933
    Do not cover this song:-))
  • Avatar for samiskywalker
    i wanna be a dog [2]
  • Avatar for S4EEDR3ZA
    Just let the poor man be a Door.
  • Avatar for kikaby
  • Avatar for jakobdorof
    @ItsmeDeenie :|
  • Avatar for maccrash
    absolutely one of the best songs ever
  • Avatar for JakeyWHFC
    This. Opening Finsbury Park. Goosebumps.
  • Avatar for DenkerOne
    i wanna be a dog
  • Avatar for Vincent____Vega
  • Avatar for shift_refresh
    Stone Roses at their best :)
  • Avatar for AllottedTreM
    hooligans green street trailer <3
  • Avatar for ItsmeDeenie
    I really don't like the lyrics to this
  • Avatar for juhpecker
    I wanna be a door
  • Avatar for VanillaLee1991
  • Avatar for southstarmusic
    its true ♫♥♫
  • Avatar for murkymedicine
    Greatest rock 'n' roll song everrrrrr.
  • Avatar for brunogramacho
    One of my favorite songs.
  • Avatar for katrand
    I always thought he singing "I wanna be a dog" but from others' comments below, it seems that "door" makes more sense.
  • Avatar for R-Mac
    they should have dragged that last part out longer!
  • Avatar for KommisarK
    "I don't need to sell my soul, he's already in me." [2]
  • Avatar for nicorebel
    fab (3)
  • Avatar for DirtyR0ckNr0lla
    I don't need to sell my soul he's already in me!!!! QUALITY!!!!!
  • Avatar for DJCPUG
  • Avatar for noorinspaace
  • Avatar for nunuu-
  • Avatar for Pepon404
    ...Me too!
  • Avatar for Codera
    this song is quite uplifting and tranquil, very psychedelic!
  • Avatar for matt1337c
    Fuck, this is everything I love about the 90s and the 80s in a single song.
  • Avatar for nicorebel
    fab (2)
  • Avatar for imhotandiknowit
    UG this version skips the oh-so-sweet intro. bad, bad!


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