• waste of time.

    14 Apr 2009, 04:47 by jen2391

    Are you a happy person?:
    The Good Times Are Killing Me
    I guess not anymore?

    What is your passion?:
    There's No Penguins In Alaska

    What do you regret?:
    Tereza and Tomas
    never regret that.

    How would you describe yourself?:
    Hell Looks a Lot Like L.A.

    What is your greatest strength?:
    So Sad To Say

    What is your greatest weakness?:
    Talkin' Bout a Revolution
    please! Stop Bitchin', Start a Revolution.

    What do you do in your free time?:
    Cover Your Eyes
    not very fun, eh?

    Are you intelligent?:
    Going to Tennessee

    What is your goal in life?:
    Northbound Breakdown

    How do you act towards others?:

    Are you a generous person?:
    The End Of A Fraud

    How do you deal with anger?:
    Go Haunt Someone Else

    How do you cope with sadness?:
    Everyday Is Like Sunday

    What makes you really happy?:
    I Fell Asleep on My Arm
    I hate that! but I sure love the Aquabats.

    What pisses you off?:
    What She Said

    What do you look like?:
    Sail On

    How would you describe your life right now?:
  • Monday, Monday, Monday: survey time!

    26 Jun 2006, 13:32 by flashxx

    Put your music player on shuffle
    Post the first forty songs that come up. You can repeat artists if you want. If you have any repeats, skip to the next track.


    1. South - Paint The Silence
    2. Death Cab For Cutie – All Is Full Of Love
    3. Colin Hay – I Don’t Think I’ll Ever Get Over You
    4. Imogen Heap – Hide And Seek
    5. Death Cab For Cutie – Fury Little Bugs
    6. Fall Out Boy – Dance, Dance
    7. Maroon 5 - Secret
    8. The Killers – Midnight Show
    9. Dashboard Confessional – The Swiss Army Romance
    10. Q And Not U – Hooray For Humans
    11. Death Cab For Cutie – Bend To Squares
    12. Nada Surf – Inside Of Love
    13. Deep Dish - Dreams
    14. The Early November – Sunday Drive
    15. The Spill Canvas – The Tide
    16. Oasis – Fucking In The Bushes
    17. Death Cab For Cutie – Debate Exposes Doubt
    18. Death Cab For Cutie – Song For Kelly Huckaby
    19. The Arcade Fire – Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)
    20. Iron And Wine – Such Great Heights
    21. The Killers – All These Things That I’ve Done
    22. Relient K – When I Go Down
  • Lyrics Game #3

    12 Jun 2006, 04:28 by thoseguiltyeyes

    I think I love these lyrics games/quizzes a little too much.

    Step 1: Put your iTunes or equivalent on random.
    Step 2: Pick your favorite lines from the first 50 songs that play, no matter how embarrassing.
    Step 3: Comment with song title and artist.
    Step 4: Strike out the songs when someone guesses correctly.
    Step 5: Looking them up on Google or any other search engine is CHEATING!


    1. The static's where you'll find me.
    - Into the Airwaves

    2. Fun while it lasted, but I still want more traces of you I can't ignore. So full of guilt but never feeling remorse.

    3. This is a party without the people. This is a show without the sounds. This is a dance without the steps. Now I gave you the clues so find what I found.
    - There's A Class For This

    4. If I said your smile's all that mattered, would you save my life?
    - Best Mistake

    5. Burn the huts and rape the women: show them how to save their souls. Toss the sinners in the bonefire: teach them how to love control.
  • what to do when you're bored; music survey

    22 Apr 2006, 14:48 by flashxx

    1. What are you listening to right now?
    Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Otherside

    2. What song makes you sad?
    The Starting Line - Photography.

    3. What is the most annoying song in the world?
    Oh, that's not just one song, I could go on forever posting every song I find annoying. There are just so much songs I dislike, I'm not gonna waste any time posting every song I find annoying.

    4. Your all time favorite band?
    Death Cab For Cutie. Yeah.

    5. Your newly discovered band is?
    Ehh.. I recently discoverd electronic music. So lately I got really into Air and those kinda bands. I guess. I also heard some other songs of Kings Of Leon, but I already knew them, so that doesn't counts.

    6. Best female voice?
    Dolores O'Riordan maybe? I have to admit I don't really listen to bands with female leadsingers. But I like the Cranberries, so that's why I picked Dolores.

    7. Best male voice?
    Ben Gibbard. Hell yeah.

    8. Music type you find yourself listening to most?
  • [haphazard]

    2 Apr 2006, 05:59 by Sneezonaut

    So I didn't want to say the overused word "random."

    Reading the lyrics to How to Save a Life makes me want to cry. I like the flow and rhythm of The Fray
    s songs, particularly in the vocals.
    Twilight is also extremely depressing. I can't spell "Twilight." Elliott Smith is always depressing, especially now that he's dead. That was pretty blunt.
    And I don't like You're Beautiful (worst transition ever). Part of this is because people sing it at school all the time. Part of this is because the radio plays it all the time. Part of this is because the lyrics are lame and the beginning sounds like a mistake.
    I really like the lyrics to Your Every Color, Photography, and quite possibly anything that makes music blatantly visual.
    The Photo Atlas are a seeeeriously good Denver band. They're on MySpace, and I like handshake heart attack a lot.
    Kanye West is pretty cool, and Through the Wire makes me laugh. "I drink a boost for breakfast, and Ensure for dessert / Somebody ordered pancakes I just sip the sizzurp. …