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    5 Sep 2011, 05:59 by Riff55

  • seeking songs

    12 May 2007, 06:55 by drublood

    Hey everyone...I'm in the midst of making a mix of songs that will remind me of the best moments of Fast and Loud, an old radio show from Northwestern University. I am wondering if anyone has any of the following songs (or artists):

    Articles of Faith - "In Your Suit" or "Up Against A Wall"
    The Freeze - pretty much anything
    Blatant Dissent (an old Chicago band)
    Feederz - specifically the song "Games"
    The Stains - "Sick and Crazy"
    Big Boys - anything, really...but I particularly want "No"
    Gray March - I can't remember the name of their song that I really liked
    Moss Icon - "I'm Back Drinking or Fucking or Something." or any other songs off of that EP.
    Bad Brains - How Low Can a Punk Get

    And if anyone knows where I can get ahold of a digitized version of the International Peace Compilation, the This is Boston, Not L.A. compilation, or the Wailing Ultimate compilation...I am looking for those, as well.