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  • годно.
  • recommended by the Black Lips. good band!
  • Best band or greatest band?
  • can't get high on my alcohol no more
  • straight to the point.
  • So good.
  • the fuckin spits
  • sick!
  • killed it @ Beerland
  • its funny 'cause the crowd went fucking cans flying everywhere,beer soaked people and floor.people flying above the crowd that was destroying each other,and no one got hurt.amazing every time they play portland.they blew one of the stage monitors,which were covered in plastic because of all the beer flying everwhere,and even when one of the brothers started losing his voice they still did an oncore with tired and lonely.fucking awesome.
  • inspired by the crazy spits hellz ya :)
  • Hahahaha, garage fun.
  • once again they killed it in Portland.OR! good luck on the rest of the tour!
  • Don't wanna work but I wanna be rich!
  • I hate pussies and I dont like shit, i dont wanna be like the other pricks, oh yeah!
  • that asterisk with no footnote in the bio is weirding me out
  • Saw them in Madrid, got some pics and text @
  • Come to Croatia!!!
  • Great show in Madrid ! ! !
  • incredible fun in Berlin last week:
  • This is perfection.
  • The Spits Information on [url=]Waste Water Music[/url] (German Site)
  • word.
  • <3
  • So fuckin' good! [3]
  • has anyone seen the video doc. "on the road with the spits"?
  • sounds like The Misfits before they got shit
  • Check out our interview:
  • The new Spits album is definitely one of the highlights of this year!
  • Known for their take-no-prisoners theatrics, they never hesitate to pull out all the stops, incorporating anything from strobe lights and fog machines to costumes and lighter fluid. “Part of it began with this band we saw a long time ago. They used to play in Kalamazoo, called God Bullies, and they all dressed up in costumes, and it just added to the show. It’s just fun. It’s like Halloween every damn night,” said Sean. Read more from our interview with the band here
  • Don't wanna work but I wanna be rich
  • 18 mins and 49 sec.....
  • good job, spits. i don't know how you keep doing it.
  • My Life Sucks!
  • remaster/reissue of the first lp and the 5th lp being released within a month? FUCK YES
  • Their new album was worth the wait.
  • album's new good
  • too g00d to be tru
  • good album's new
  • I think they may have out did their self on this album, so great
  • nuclear bomb...
  • Can't wait the new album!
  • Whoa, I am totally loving Spotify right now for indirectly leading me to this band. This is great.
  • So fuckin' good! [2]
  • So fuckin' good!
  • Jams to blackout to
  • gonna see the spits tonight, hell yeah! ;D


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