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Let’s face it, we’re all a bit tired of rattling the pans on the drainer rack while the other half goes out and has all the fun. Time for something else then.

There is no musical difference, only normality and abnormality. We are not a muse, but nor are we an artist. We have organs almost everywhere.

This band that is not one. This anti-project, stunted like binary with the ones removed. We could be zeroes, just for a day.

Softness needs hardness. Closeness takes distance. Ups entail downs.

You need…

The Soft Close-Ups

Note to editors:

You want back story? Okay.

In his spare time, American Anglophile Aug is a seasoned writer of sparkling pop songs about girls and 12” singles. He has hundreds to his name. Songs, that is. And singles. But not girls.

David was once almost a rock star, and probably would have made a jolly good one, but not to worry. He lives in London and is unmarried, as they say.

That’s more than enough. Forget the word count and fill the space with a nice picture instead. Thank you.

The Soft Close-Ups are:

David Shah - Voice
Aug Stone - Instruments

Songs written by Shah / Stone
Produced by Stone / Shah

Artwork by Sina Shamsavari

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