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    I truly ADORE you...6288432528h
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    I've jerked off to billy a few times [2]
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    does anyone here watch big brother? They made a Smashing Pumpkins reference there
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    'Is the reissue project still on? Is there a reissue of Machina: The Machines of God coming? Yes. The problem is, and I can’t talk about the specifics, but we’re in a dispute with what is now the parent company, which is Universal. Everything has been put on hold. If I told you the truth of it, you’d laugh your ass off, because it’s a classic record company story. I feel bad, because people on Twitter keep asking about it, and people seem to have come around on that record in the last five years. It sounds contemporary again for whatever reason. I do want to put it out, and it takes a lot of time and effort to go through all the tapes. I’ve invested a good 300 hours in preparing the project, and now it’s totally on hold. It is what it is. I’m not mad at anybody. I don’t have time to be mad.'
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    Damn this thread is a gold mine of insight for anyone interested -
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    despite all my rage i stILL HAVENT BEEN ABLE TO SEE THEM LIVE
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    By Starlight ღ
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    Oceania surprised me. It's a pretty solid album.
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    I've jerked off to billy a few times
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    Fucking incredible show last night at Red Rocks. Mayonaise, United States, 1979, Stand Inside Your Love, Tonight, Tonight, Everlasting Gaze, Ruby, Landslide, honestly I don't think I could have asked for a better setlist. Still one of my favorite live bands for sure
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    I miss Darcy, lets hope she can recover from her disease. There is nothing glamorous about being addicted. The 90s and its stupid mentality fucked a lot of us......
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    Any news on when exactly ''Machina'' is going to be re-released? [2]
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    Any news on when exactly ''Machina'' is going to be re-released?
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    jimmy is the best drummer in the world, i'm glad he's back
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    Thank God!
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    Jimmy <3
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    Billy just announced at tonight's show that Jimmy Chamberlin is back in fold :D
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    "I can't help but feel they haven't written a good album in 20 years" Because "they" is actually just "he"...
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    I cant like anything after Machina II... ughhhhhhhhhhh
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    So many moods this band can aid, all I need to do is listen to them when I feel sad or happy, this is one of my favorite bands of all time.
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    Недавно открыла для себя эту прекрасную группу. Просто 10/10
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    Zeitgeist was disgusting an awful in every way imaginable but Oceania and some songs from TGBK are a huge improvement. I still stand by that Corgan himself isn't as strong as when he had Iha in the band but I can still say his work has shown much improvement - "A Song For A Son" is one of the best songs by The Pumpkins since Mellon Collie.
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    smashing DICKS
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    I'd have loved to see them if they weren't touring with Marilyn Manson---who came up with that? It's like deciding to tour with mustard gas. No thanks. Come back without trailing anything stank and toxic, please.
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    The killer in me is the killer in you
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    Elegy is f*cking awesome
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    Zeitgeist is good
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    RIP 1991 - 2000
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    Today <3
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    I like Elegy a lot, Oceania and Zeitgeist are just uninteresting.
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    прекрасная группа, лучший альбом Siamese Dream, today is the greatest day.
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    elegy is the best pumpkins albums since mellon collie and thats 100% the truth shit heads, not overly long, full of good songs, cant wait to hear the next one.
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    +10000 Smashing Pumpkins scrobblings!
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    acoustic tour this summer, I can not wait!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
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    elegy is 6/10, that's probs generous
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    Monuments to an Elegy, is not just the worst album off billy, but one of the worst albums i've ever listen to in my whole life. The lyrics are just the worst of the worst. Absolutely soul-less. He really should let it go.
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    Stay put, Billy!!!
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    Elegy is a fucking great album. Roll up, Billy.
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    Just give up Billy. [2]
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    Just give up Billy.
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    Elegy just doesn't get better with time. Still lyrically shot and musically bland. Goddamnit.
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    7 a 1 brasil
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    segundo melhor show da minha vida


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