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The Slits

Shoplifting (1:38)


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  • Ten quid for the lot we paid f**k all.
  • whoa. that scream cuts through you like a knife blade!
  • Verde é a cor, o verde cando as flores florecen en España.
  • live version, how cool
  • mann i love the org version but got me at the flat going crazy
  • ssssuuuch a sexy voice. GUH! SPLURGE!
  • I am getting an extremely spirited live version this time, really quite screamy and loose.
  • doarunnerdoarunnerdoarunner!!!!! Brilliant
  • i went shoplifting & made out like a bandit!
  • I used to do this... but instead cheddar it was gouda or goat cheese muajaja...
  • ah ari.....never forgotten XXX
  • gr8
  • Can't beat a bit of shoplifting!
  • we can all relate to this, i think
  • OMG! that scream. i just love it. so brilliant. i just love songs with screaming, whistling or clapping that way i could identify them out of a lineup. it's also cool when the artist does something with good intentions, like adding screams, and then throngs of morons make it seem gimmicky. i just love that!
  • we pay fuckall
  • do a runner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! raaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ;0
  • shoplifters of the world unite!
  • It is a good scream. That's decided.
  • There is absolutley nothing special about the Dr Ken's comment on this song, has NO ONE EVER COMMENTED BEFORE??
  • lmao
  • well now, that would be a matter of opinion wouldn't it?! personally, its a cracking scream - crackling with tension and shoplifting buzz.. you can even hear ari giggling as she's singing... :)
  • has no one here ever heard screaming in music before. there's absolutely nothing special about her scream, though the song is excellent.
  • what a scream
  • do a runner
  • oh wow, this takes me back.
  • oh so good.
  • Great song. Great album. Great screaming.
  • hell yeah
  • great ending - 'i pissed in my knickers!'
  • do a runner, do a runner, do a runner!!!! ha ha ha ha right out the front door of marks n spencers!!!
  • Fuck paying for shit.
  • my favourite scream!! aoooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  • Do a runnnnnerrr!
  • u_u' so good they make me weep
  • yay!
  • Ten quid for the lot? I'd rather pay fuck all too.

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