• The Sippy Cups, Cafe du Nord, SF, 3/12/2006.

    13 Mar 2006, 07:34 by thewilyfilipino

    Great Moment in Rock and Roll #4,382:

    The Sippy Cups (http://www.thesippycups.com) are a band who has forged a career from astutely figuring out the cosmic link between hippie surrealism and kiddie songs. But it's not just Bike ("Syd must be riding his bike around Cambridge as we speak," the lead singer, Sippy Paul, dryly commented) or Space Oddity or She's A Rainbow that gets The Sippy Cups treatment; Bennie and the Jets, Low Rider and Drive My Car (even Elmo has a version of that one) all get trotted out on stage, with a few lyrics tweaked here and there, to the delight of parents and kids alike. (As proof of a similar mindset, the American version of the British-French film The Magic Roundabout, retitled Doogal on these shores, expunged the Kylie Minogue theme song and replaced it with Magic and Mr. Blue Sky)

    But I digress: the Great Moment in Rock and Roll #4,382 occurs about halfway through the set. The crowd of four to six year-olds up front and center --…