• Most Listened Music Tournament!! Of Awesomeness! Round Two!

    25 Jul 2012, 06:52 by shug94

    To see the first round, and a summary of all of the rules and restrictions go here.

    Anyway, on with the action:

    (32) Los Campesinos! vs (17) The Shins
    (... and We Exhale and Roll Our Eyes in Unison vs. For a Fool)
    - Four sweaty boys with guitars tell me nothing about my life. It is truly a great line from a pretty dang good Los Campesinos! song. I often get the kind of group singalong part at the end of this song stuck in my head. The Shins once again go back to the well of their new album. And 'For A Fool' is definitely a better song than 'Port Of Morrow'. But it isn't good enough. Our 32nd ranked Brits move on once again!

    (8) Belle and Sebastian vs (24) Ben Kweller
    (Dress Up in You vs. Problems)
    - If you asked me how 'Dress Up In You' goes I would not have known, but now that it is playing I recognise it. I guess this is because I often listen to B&S as albums rather than individual songs. This song meanders a little as it strolls along and a plaintive trumpet sounds in the background. …