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  • Avatar for wyzwolenie
    I'm still in love with this album, after 4 years. You can moan all you want on how their earlier stuff is better, the last two albums of the Shins are masterpieces on their own right.
  • Avatar for heretocheat
    One of my favorite bands but somehow I really can't get into this album. I'm kind of upset haha.
  • Avatar for klippshaw
    bait and switch tho
  • Avatar for MajkaRebel
    Amazing album! ^^
  • Avatar for sendaparamedic
    I can't relate to this album.
  • Avatar for take_courage
    Really can't get into this album no matter how many times I listen. The lyrics are just too non-metaphorical compared to Chutes Too Narrow or Wincing the Night Away. The melodies are still catchy as hell though!
  • Avatar for gwpurnell
    My favourite album by any group or artist at the moment. It has already joined the list of my favourite albums ever. Subtle and clever but not high-brow and condescending. A real and accessible true work of art.
  • Avatar for flash_flem
    40 Mark Strasse-Beautiful, need any more be said?
  • Avatar for vtsl
    James Mercer grew up and this is the most mature Shins record.
  • Avatar for beatrizfern
    Love love LOVE this album <3
  • Avatar for crackityjones92
  • Avatar for ostapdp
    Port of Morrow is the best song i've ever heard
  • Avatar for CMBFlor20
    these songs will most likely be overlooked in a political context, but this applies quite well to the past election and what followed
  • Avatar for Cesareeeee
    for me, "wincing the night away" is the most best album
  • Avatar for nate_95
    Great album.
  • Avatar for SoulJazzsterInc
    9/10. "The Rifle's Spiral" is the reason I don't give it 10, it's the only mediocre track of an otherwise beautiful album
  • Avatar for XDRory
    A lot of different opinions here, and that's ok. But if I see the words "boring" or "meh" one more time I'm losing faith in humanity.
  • Avatar for pascoal91
    What is Pariah King? It's not on my album. [2]
  • Avatar for TheShins55
    Really grows on you, if you don't like it, give it another try anyway! You won't regret it. Pariah King is aaamazing.
  • Avatar for storagemusic
    their best album yet
  • Avatar for bernadette-90
    It's a good album, but imo it doesn't compare to their others
  • Avatar for wiona_chen
  • Avatar for herodotus
    A few listens, and I am in love with it. Took me less time to dig this album than it did with "Wincing the Night Away," which is my favorite Shins far.
  • Avatar for LedZebbelin
    One of the best from 2012 so far, I think.
  • Avatar for LastFlowers
    it's OK but underwhelming after such a long break between albums. It's Only Life and Port Of Morrow are pretty terrible songs.
  • Avatar for mdpreal
  • Avatar for electrobaboon
    This has grown on me. I still don't like tracks 3,5,6 or 7 very much, but the title track and the chorus of 40 Mark Strasse are really good. Not to mention Bait and SWIIIIIITCH.
  • Avatar for janelesque
    everytime I see that cover, it reminds me of this:
  • Avatar for Mivagaidea
  • Avatar for hstisgod
    win this album!
  • Avatar for oddlay
    This is quite a step back from Wincing...... Shame.
  • Avatar for ThaEzzy
    I guess nothing really measured up to The Rifle's Spiral for me on this album after all. I guess I'm not surprised, what an overpowered fucking song to start an album out with.
  • Avatar for ThaEzzy
    What the fuck mrshmibs *The largest fucking psyduck here* This is literally the best thing I've heard in a long, long while. Are you sure you've got the right album? I haven't heard anything but the first track as of writing this, but I'm quivering in sexual anticipation.
  • Avatar for skippingboy123
    Solid effort by a band that hasn't been around in 5 years. Reminiscent of what I call the 2nd golden age of indie...after the garage rock revival and before the electronic indie era. No, this album doesn't cover a multitude of genres, but the songs are just plain excellent. From the folky ballad "September" to the somber closer track "Port of Morrow". That being said, James Mercer's excellent song-writing truly shines here. As he's grown older he's decided to write a handful of slower tracks, ditching the youthful pop present on early Shins's album, with a sound that could practically fill arenas of hipsters due to the masterful production. Lead single "Single Song" put its perfectly, "well this is just a simple song". Indeed, this is a simple album as well.
  • Avatar for JeanetteWall
    Check out this live session of "Bait And Switch" from SXSW!
  • Avatar for sydanderson
    LOVE the new video for "Simple Song" who else has seen it?!
  • Avatar for Degarmo
  • Avatar for xenoncocktail
    Review of Port of Morrow on my blog:
  • Avatar for misterportman
    Album is great!
  • Avatar for arcade_water
    me... :D
  • Avatar for bl1nk0rz
    TEH SHINS! <3 Seeing them this Sunday. Who's jealous?
  • Avatar for Whatislight
  • Avatar for vinylnow
    Love it already! James' voice will always remind me of Kevin Barnes. <3
  • Avatar for RussellGod
    Like all shins albums, this is great.
  • Avatar for workingdogv1
    I can see why some would dislike this album, but even on the first listen it hit a real sweet spot for me. Fell in love automatically. That's new for a Shins album; they typically have to grow on me. Maybe that's not a good sign? Can't say for sure.
  • Avatar for NolanBruces
    Honestly, the word that keeps coming to me is "boring."
  • Avatar for tylerwalter
    quite enjoying this [2]
  • Avatar for gameandwatch_
    first impression is "meh" [3]
  • Avatar for IAJP
    quite enjoying this
  • Avatar for blossomtoe
    Oh dear. Oh dear. James, sacking the band was a BIG mistake.


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