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  • Pink Bullets is the best song i've ever listened to :')
  • The Shins had their music video for “sleeping lesson” premiere on mtvU this week:
  • best fookin' band in the world
  • wow lameeeee the shins are breaking up. james and jesse got drunk and got in to a fight and james kicked his ass or something and now they are breaking up.
  • can't belive they didn't play new slang at reading
  • Saw them live, they were great!
  • the shins are not emo, mcr and fall out boy, that's emo
  • i just realised how awesome turn on me is
  • After 'Turn on Me', a new video appeared this week: Sleeping Lessons ->
  • Even after a shitty day, The Shins never fail to cheer me up. That's what I love about their music.
  • the past and pending is incredible i cant believe its so low in the charts...
  • Welcome to Zero Music Magazine on
  • The Shins are one of my top ten favorite bands right now.
  • New artist photo needed- Eric deserves an appearance! Saw them live this month, he's pretty awesome on the slide guitar.
  • i heard about them from a good mate...and now i try to find original cd`s from them in my town-without succes :-(...the musics really cool :-)
  • <3 =D =D = D XD =) :] I love you guys. I just bought all of the --- well, Wincing the Night Away, Chutes Too Narrow, atleast --- cd's and I'm nothing but pleased. such fun
  • new slang is the only song i've heard of theirs that i give a crap about. australia is also okay.
  • The Shins and Death Cab are not emo. Death Cab for Cutie are like the poster boys of 90s indie pop. The Shins make very similar styled indie pop. The only reason Death Cab picked up the emo description was after The OC started playing them and stupid teen kids had no idea what to label them as so they labeled them as emo. Both bands are very much just small indie pop bands. This crap annoys me.
  • only two songs of them to recognise in the movie garden state, right ? :)
  • Sphagnum Esplanade is one of their most beautiful songs... It's a shame it's not even in the top 50
  • Heard about 'em maybe listened to one of their songs. But now i heard more of their songs i think they're cool ..:)
  • why didn't they play new slang last saturday :( I even made a special request note on their door!
  • If you hate a band, don't bitch about it here.
  • mucis is are debating a conflict which will never end.who cares. just listen to it.
  • omg this is tr00 emo musac!
  • oooo, my second week in top listeners. it's becoming and obsesseive compultion to listen to them excessively.
  • i wouldn't consider them emo, death cab maybe, but not the shins. theyre also related to belle and sebastian, spoon, and of montreal none of which are emo.
  • i guess emo as they are relatively similar to death cab who are considered emo too. i really want to love the shins but for some reason i merely like them instead. :(
  • Girl on the Wing should be higher up
  • movie sound tracks ruin songs and bands.
  • Still loving this amazing band. Getting tired of awful, awful new fans. Nah, actually, I've been tired of them since their first tour here after 'Garden State' was released. Amazing how such an incredible band can suddenly pick up thousands of moronic fans. I've actually seen people leave after 'New Slang'. Fucking idiots.
  • musical genres are a complete and total waste of is music. people just want to lable themselves so they fit in.
  • The word emo is tossed around nowadays more than a herpes ridden sausage at a sausagefest!
  • After them canceling Ireland twice I'm finally seeing them this Tuesday \o/
  • who cares about these tags...
  • Emo Sux
  • haha emo..are you serious? these guys are so happy i love turn on me!! i could listen to it for ages!
  • who idiot rofl
  • who idiot did dat emo tag?
  • shins kick the shit out of stuff
  • who idiot xD
  • lol ^^
  • No man, albuseversus has it right man. Death to the Shins!:-P
  • oo no way. i'm in the top listeners. cooooolllll.
  • You people might quite like [url=]Smokers Die Younger[/url].
  • oh lol albuseverus is rl kewl!!!1
  • Really mature, albuseverus
  • albuseverus, you attentionwhore :')


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