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  • Avatar for ZeroJine
    Узнал о группе благодаря Джейсону Стейтему [4]
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    Узнал о группе благодаря Джейсону Стейтему [3]
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    Узнал о группе благодаря Джейсону Стейтему [2]
  • Avatar for Rubiq_
    Узнал о группе благодаря Джейсону Стейтему
  • Avatar for Cylob
    I'm a phorever person, me.
  • Avatar for quietrob Magazine promo shot for the wonderful Re:Evolution single feat. the band with Terrence McKenna.
  • Avatar for quietrob
    And of course my top artist for December 2012 will be none other than The Shamen...
  • Avatar for PitFiend
    @weirdostrango... I know right? I'm not even gay and I want to fuck the shit out of them!
  • Avatar for weirdostrango
    fuck this band, seriously.
  • Avatar for Slaggprodukt
    Almost went to a Mr C DJ gig in London... alas...
  • Avatar for Acidman131
    rememder slam 3d at inglestone 1990 there was you's, mike pickering, dave clarke! what a nite!!!!!
  • Avatar for thechasboi
    Shamen is a super splendid band, no comparison to their amazing combinations of beat, sounds and lyrics.
  • Avatar for shamenofficial
    socialize with the shamen; come by and; like us on facebook. or twitter!/shamen1 or watch us on
  • Avatar for shamenofficial
    Vote The Shamen in mixmag greatest dance acts
  • Avatar for risK49
    @phoustsince1991, agreed I would have had that many plays myself easily, back in the day....!! Ee, when ah were a lad!
  • Avatar for slidein
    Oh my God,welcome back to 90's!
  • Avatar for PiersSixx
    Knature of A Girl. Such a good band, once.
  • Avatar for chrisxanthus
    I met Mr. C last night!
  • Avatar for fernbom
    Så j*vla bra! 90s rule!
  • Avatar for MilkLizard92
    Hes Ebeneezer Goode!
  • Avatar for mattischrome
    I wrote about Arbor Bona Arbor Mala on my blog:
  • Avatar for Claudiar71
    I can Move Any Mountain ;)
  • Avatar for Rovlanik
    "Drop" is magic.
  • Avatar for shivahacke
    Fantastic band. From Drop to Hempton Manor. No matter what musical style they were into. Love it all!
  • Avatar for bobbyb1974
    I once owned a four 10 inch collection of 21 different Move any Mountain remixes called Progeny....Quality, wish I still had it.......
  • Avatar for johnny8ball
    'Four Letter Girl' anyone? Smooth and sinister...
  • Avatar for chrisxanthus
    Technorave with yes a lyrical singing in a MC style!! Love these guys!! Totally RAVE and not no cheesy eurodance like Dizzy suggests. They are unique because they were originators!!
  • Avatar for risK49
    The Shamen fookin' rocked (& raved), my fave artists throughout the ninetees! Colin was a major voice for alternative thought back then. Get it on the go Mr. Angus, yerv bin sorely missed.
  • Avatar for Dizzy58
    The style of the group is eurodance (i.e. euro-chorus + rap-verse). But they sound not unusual, unique.
  • Avatar for quietrob
    There was a rumour that Colin tried to reform the Shamen recently. This is coming from wikipedia though so it's probably a fib.
  • Avatar for Casualties_army
    Whats the truth in the Shamen doing some small dates round Scotland? If its true, it'd be immense.
  • Avatar for JoeGazer
  • Avatar for johnny8ball
    Just got Drop the other day... what an album.
  • Avatar for quietrob
    Being someone who has most of The Shamen back catalogue, I can safely say it's pretty pointless trying to argue what musical style they are.
  • Avatar for topjim
    I dont think you can use 'rave' as a definition for a style of electronic music. Rave is a verb isnt it? actually so is 'rock', so what do i know. All i know is The Shamen are like apples. You forget how tasty they are until you have one after a long time time
  • Avatar for Slaggprodukt
    Boss drum is magically good!
  • Avatar for The_Duks_Guts
    entact was an still is a great album
  • Avatar for darkling23
    Shoutbox full of boobs.... :( Wish I could find the single for Universal, it's almost all I'm missing :(
  • Avatar for vx_GASMAN
    What the fuck? How did I get to be a top listener? This is really embarassing.
  • Avatar for Sternsaphir
    electronic gods
  • Avatar for NightBeast666
    I only like their first album! They recorded some nice stuff at the time...
  • Avatar for sinanp
    fab, can't believe mr.c's in this....super
  • Avatar for flexmens
    I was impressed with the album "Drop"
  • Avatar for condra
    The real rave group.
  • Avatar for johnny8ball
    Love the song Velvet Box from their psychedelic days. Is the rest of the first album as good?
  • Avatar for Slaggprodukt
    they did retire as a group 10 years ago, since then there has been some compilations and new remixes... I miss the band, but in a way it's nice to see a band actually not being tempted to a reunion...
  • Avatar for quietrob
    Aqrab: Check out Pablo Sandoz, Colin's current musical project It's probably the closest your gonna get to new Shamen material.
  • Avatar for balesy1974
    I was so into this group when I was a "young un".
  • Avatar for BalladBombs
    Jesus loves America!


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