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  • great
  • questa band è ok!!!!
  • Hm... just hearing their "The Metamorphosis Project" but it's not THAT great imo.
  • I'm impressed.
  • Do parts of 'The Metamorphosis Project' not sound exactly like 'The Fountain'?
  • "Both their albums are incredible. This band clearly needs more love." you should check out their self titled demo, its awesome as well
  • The Metamorphosis Project.... an incredible album :O
  • one of the best post-rock bands.
  • Amazing, something like evpatoria report and the pirate ship quintet
  • I love the epic post-rock thing.
  • Awesome!!!
  • this band is pretty great
  • :D
  • Outstanding. First discovered Sweek and now The Seven Mile Journey.
  • ss-
    both of their albums are amazing, get 'em asap.
  • Wow! I'm really impressed. Usually with each post-rock album I find, I encounter something akin to This Will Destroy You, Explosions In The Sky, Caspian, all emulating the same similar, upbeat sound of pop-orientated post-rock. This group certainly have their own sound, and are very gloomy and minimalist. Atmospheric and absorbing. Well pleased with this find!
  • perfect - The Metamorphosis...
  • wow! love <3
  • and it's perfect! ^_^
  • hooray new albums out!!!!
  • now this is some real post-rock, not one of many post-rock wannabies. Great band!!
  • Nobody cares about your penis
  • This band makes my penis hard.
  • mükemmel :)
  • anyone know where I could get the first Demo Album, plz PM me. Thankx
  • it's not boring, it's post-rock, man.
  • hahaha. boring but nice. wish it was more epic.
  • it's pretty boring. but i like it.


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