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  • Avatar for Ouroborosian
    Sounds like The Police [2]
  • Avatar for stickandmove
    Sounds like 'The Police'
  • Avatar for Startoucher13
    trying to find a loop - hole....
  • Avatar for ElusiveKangaroo
    Funny I was thinking the very same thing mgallimore
  • Avatar for JamesKmccann
    Do I hear Message in an Bottle?
  • Avatar for tiochaidhanla
    brill song
  • Avatar for mgallimore
    Oh, my gosh! I didn't notice the Police vibe at first, but now I think I have to agree with everyone who said that. There is definitely something Sting-ish about this song.
  • Avatar for pink2blue
    i gotta shine, shine, shine, shine, shine my rusty halo...
  • Avatar for starfloka
    As theNarratorX says: very the Police like, and so very good.
  • Avatar for JamadianUK
    love,love,love this group
  • Avatar for Bassti2k
    It might be just me, but Danny sounds a bit like Sting in here. :-) Great song, though!
  • Avatar for complexlogix
  • Avatar for needmymusictoda
  • Avatar for hilda95
    it's been a long time coming :D
  • Avatar for luckylollyme
    lookin' in the bible tryin' to find a loop-hole...
  • Avatar for TheNarratorX
    Very Police-esque. Me likey!
  • Avatar for If_I_Lay_Here
    It's official, I'm hooked on The Script : )
  • Avatar for Lizzy40153
    Nice song one of their best ever
  • Avatar for nicegirl12315
    yay i love the script and this song :)
  • Avatar for GarSnail
    Great song. Nice lyrics :)
  • Avatar for Coolgarriv
    This is one of my favourite songs from the album. Great for driving with the stereo up full blast!
  • Avatar for forevernever17
    One of their bestest. ♥
  • Avatar for hf1809
    on song
  • Avatar for ILIVE4ROCK
    i wont lie!!!! i love the Script!!! listen to them every morning before i go to school!! gotta shine my rusty halo!!!!!!
  • Avatar for Talonair
    'Now I'm looking through the bible, looking for a loop-hole'
  • Avatar for pink2blue
    My rusty halo... gotta shine gotta shine!! =D
  • Avatar for jojo_keks
    love it!
  • Avatar for amerragdoll78
    i have finally found this song!yes!sweet success!
  • Avatar for scratchy44
    Welcome back Danny & Marc. It's been awhile since the Mytown days. 9 years by my count. Good luck with the new album. I have it, and it's grand!!!
  • Avatar for TigerFan621
    Agreed! Love The Police so this song is great
  • Avatar for vanimaluhta
    I like their sound, very Police-ish.
  • Avatar for thejdogg
    Do they wanna shine my rusty trombone?
  • Avatar for music5Luvchild
    everytime you listen to them music you get a diffrent sound
  • Avatar for ArtyMiss11
    I thought this was The Police playing... they are really good!
  • Avatar for nygal28
    Wow, they really do sound like The Police..amazing. Funny though, in their current stuff, they sound nothing like The Police, Sting....
  • Avatar for cocoledzeppelin
    owner of a lonely heart, anyone?
  • Avatar for DJsacha
    i love this song its the definition of amazing
  • Avatar for NinjaVampirate
    So into this at the moment! Possibly my fav
  • Avatar for hollylightly
    I'm glad others think they sound like the Police... The early stuff. This is my favourite single of the album.
  • Avatar for Rytaslmlmlm
    about what this song??
  • Avatar for Crazy-rae
    Only song on the album i dislike :(. The rest is fab! Thank you to the Script
  • Avatar for JamesKmccann
    Befor i even saw spidrwegian's shout I though ooh, it' s the Police
  • Avatar for xxzoemadcowxx
    I LOVE this track :D:D Cannot wait to see it performed live on 3rd Decemer!
  • Avatar for MrsSparkes
    Very impressive
  • Avatar for spidrwegian
    Oh shades of early stuff by The Police. Nice one. :)

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