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The Script

If You See Kay (3:12)


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  • the guitar sounds like Sting's Shape Of My Heart
  • Stop with the Britney bulls--- people! Really? Her song was called "If You Seek Amy" ok?
  • Love this song! <3 <3
  • Hmmm well, I think we can say O.K. to this....................
  • I love the wordplay in this song . . . love the script.
  • Love this song!
  • My how the youth have fallen. Best thing they can come up with is the Britney? Take a listen to some Nas and you tell me what sounds more like this song. Regardless, this isn't a cover nor a remake.
  • THIS IS NOT A STOLEN OR COVER SONG! . .Songwriters: Magulness, Tony; O Donoghue, Daniel John; Sheehan, Mark Anthony;
  • this song never gets old.......
  • If you see Kay.. Well, I guess every kiss begins with Kay(; xD♥.
  • Hehehehe... Fuck.
  • This is so NOT a Britney Spears song! Britney would never have such a good song. So please, stop saying that. Anyway, this is the first The Script song I heard and I still love it. Great, great song.
  • Britney stole this from the Script. :|
  • Perfect Tune :)
  • My very first listen to The Script... and I'm greeted with F.U.C.K.! LOL! Can't tell if I like the band yet, but they seem OK so far...
  • It's Britney, bitch!
  • @SadiexBoo: It's not a cover of If You Seek Amy by Britney Spears. They just had the same idea about the pun XD
  • it's a cover of Britney Spear's song...
  • It sounds too much like the man who cant be moved. They need to come up with something different or they will run out of steam.
  • F.U.C.K ? [2] lol it really dose sound like it =P
  • My favorite from this album!
  • It reminds me of my Ex, she went by Kay for short
  • F.U.C.K ?
  • great song... love the drumms playing in this song... mind you the guitar it just as good.
  • catchy regardless
  • love it :D
  • The Best!
  • I don't get it.........j/k :D
  • So this was before If You Seek Amy? Britney Spears copied them ¬¬
  • I was so just thinking about this song with my fake brother. Thank you, Last.fm, for reading my mind.
  • Beautiful, beautiful song...
  • clever and sublime
  • Very cool. Very cool indeedy.
  • echt ein toller song! <3
  • F-U-C-K [5]
  • If you play it backwards its "feed me KFC" ;)
  • Lol just realized it was F U CK XD
  • Lolz, love this song, nd I love how they go all Brittany Spears on us xP
  • F-U-C-K[3]
  • F-U-C-K- I thought I was crazy when I heard that. lol
  • I rather enjoy this, cute with the FUCK substitute
  • F-U-C-K [2]in good.
  • F-U-C-K
  • super song
  • <3
  • @autumn_rhapsody well, yeah.. at least that's what i think.. although i only got it after the third time listening..xD i never got the hype about 'if you seek amy' though.. thanks for that. ;D
  • is it supposed to be F.U.C.K? like If You Seek Amy (FUCK me)? lol that's always what i think anyway....maybe i'm an idiot.
  • a fave band of myself for hundreds of days now <3 they're brilliant :>
  • absolutely brilliant


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