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  • Avatar for bobo9390
    Listening to Cuddlemonster again. Can't wait for a new album.
  • Avatar for bobo9390
    Naw, I'm still banking on new music eventually
  • Avatar for Treats4TheSOUL
    new album lol? fuck is everyone talking about. Band is beyond dead.
  • Avatar for bluntbulletloco
    remember the sawtooth grin? I remember the sawtooth grin.
  • Avatar for Alex_Trap
    how come?
  • Avatar for Gwynbleiddsfang
    No one album's not happening
  • Avatar for ryanhbltz
    new album needs to come before year ends srsly
  • Avatar for Considerables
    seriously, new album, this band is fucking monstrous
  • Avatar for Onlywanderer
    new stuff, please(
  • Avatar for Dickxusmaximus
    Give Me The New Album Bitch
  • Avatar for TheCuntCuntCunt
  • Avatar for chonthebaptist
    when is the new album coming out?
  • Avatar for Runenschamane
    Give Me The Amulet You Bitch
  • Avatar for rainydream
    where is Jabberwocky !?!?!?
  • Avatar for Tecfan
  • Avatar for Tecfan
    new stuff where?
  • Avatar for NorgeAllStar
    Sawtooth Grin > Chelsea Grin [2]
  • Avatar for Lucky_Lungz
    New shit? Eh?
  • Avatar for irishtim
    I've been hearing about a new album featuring Jon Karel for over a year now. What's going on? Any new news?
  • Avatar for DemonX99999
    These guys are nuts.
  • Avatar for Lucky_Lungz
    Sawtooth Grin > Chelsea Grin not that anyone could argue otherwise
  • Avatar for Lucky_Lungz
    lol I love that one of the new ones is called Mouth Wet. Can't wait for the new material.
  • Avatar for idontgetitatall
    Please, we need new album!
  • Avatar for Salyutin
    Someone should change that picture
  • Avatar for Jayden_Patuckie
    Hey) Nice stuff here!) Check out my friends' math\exp band) [artist]The Hysteria[/artist] If you like 'em, feel free to share it with friends!) Thx a lot for attention) ;D
  • Avatar for Jenkkem
    we understand
  • Avatar for bluntbulletloco
    Ive heard a few of the pre prod videos for new songs and honestly Idk if Im going to like the new cd. I kind of only like cuddlemonster.
  • Avatar for Rightofheresy
    Honestly play shows, asap, and if anyone in the band sees this post message me and i will help you set up said shows.
  • Avatar for Bormorg
    I can still be surprised by this after listening to it 3 times in a row. Also, Good Touch, Bad Touch, 1, 2, 3, is possibly one of the best songs I've ever heard.
  • Avatar for bluntbulletloco
  • Avatar for Kebab_Holokaust
    I've always wondered how can a human body handle and produce these vocals :P
  • Avatar for Jenkkem
    Thanks buddies
  • Avatar for Christian420
    The new songs fucking destroy.
  • Avatar for KMFCM
    holy shit
  • Avatar for aaronharrison
  • Avatar for Jenkkem
    Yes Yes. Just uploaded Jabberwocky Demos 2011. Check our featured tracks
  • Avatar for aaronharrison
  • Avatar for Kebab_Holokaust
    Cuddlemonster ftw
  • Avatar for Christian420
  • Avatar for japanese-catbox
    might like Jane Hoe if you like Sawtooth Grin:
  • Avatar for Fkod
    Sometimes She Tasted Like Burnt Plastic Smells _\m/
  • Avatar for lipwreck
    I'm glad they're a band again.. even though i'm only really listening to them for the first time now. fuck i love grind
  • Avatar for DudeLooksLikeMe
    Hey folks, here you could download the whole discographie of a Berlin Mathcore Band for free. / It would be overwhelming if you could support these guys. Please share the music to all your friends and also to those you don’t like.
  • Avatar for plothead31
    Brazen Bull is better.
  • Avatar for plothead31
    That's because they are touched the fuck up in the studio, but hey, it's still fucking awesome.
  • Avatar for DudeLooksLikeMe
    check the following vid from a four-piece chaotic hardcore/ mathcore band from berlin/germany:
  • Avatar for sla2cbk
    people who like Post-hardcore/Melodic-hardcore should def. check out
  • Avatar for Jenkkem
    hello. i am in this band. we have new demos here
  • Avatar for plothead31
    Fucking love this band
  • Avatar for JaneDoe082285
    Cuddlemonster ♥


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