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  • Avatar for ladyemero
    Oh my! They are just wonderful.
  • Avatar for merrick0
    Can't stop listening to "The Air", it's all I've listened to for a week
  • Avatar for moozinemusic
    I saw them in a small venue in Brighton. It was exquisite. Not a brag. Just a memorable experience. A very enjoyable sweaty gig :)
  • Avatar for qviri
    I, too, have seen the RAA in a hip venue and would like to humblebrag about it!
  • Avatar for greatnecker
    As much as I appreciate this band's recordings, you will never quite get RRA until you see them up close and personal in an intimate club setting. I saw them at the tiny Mercury Lounge in New York City and it was a memorable experience.
  • Avatar for sevi_loves_you
    Last album is almost perfection. By saying "almost", I leave an open room for even better albums :)
  • Avatar for donttrytogoogle
    great performance in Frankfurt
  • Avatar for tamaribu
    Paul Banwatt is my drum hero!
  • Avatar for TheOtherAndrew
    Not surprised at all that Mended With Gold is fantastic.
  • Avatar for Straighthate
    New album is great as usual. Really love this band. Too bad I'll never be able to see them live, I think :'(
  • Avatar for johnonymous
    Mended With Gold is magnificent, I am absolutely floored by this record.
  • Avatar for isitbeer30yet
    good stuff goin' on here ;)
  • Avatar for bkelleher
    best drummer on the scene! [2] couldn't agree more
  • Avatar for kramari
    Well the new album is fantastic
  • Avatar for Honzeecheck
    Best drummer on the scene! Not love or death is insane!!!
  • Avatar for elifsonk
    New album is amazing
  • Avatar for elifsonk
  • Avatar for zignash
    the new album is coming!
  • Avatar for spiceleaf
    FINALLY get to see them live. i can't wait!
  • Avatar for bkelleher
    New song is so goooood... ahhhh can't wait for the next album.
  • Avatar for qviri
    Good day is here! New release announced for September:
  • Avatar for seppelkay
    The drums are soooo good... focus on it and you'll see!
  • Avatar for vitorhpreis
    any chance to come to Brazil?
  • Avatar for toomstar
    One day i will check this page and find out there is a new release... that would be a good day :)
  • Avatar for Tcc91
    "Frank, AB" is a great song, but sadly sounds incredibly similar to "In The Shadows" by The Rasmus which is from 2003
  • Avatar for abhinavsays42
    I keep coming back to this page every few months and go back disappointed
  • Avatar for adagsly
  • Avatar for YouthOfAmerica
    new album, please! [3]
  • Avatar for abhinavsays42
    new album, please! x2.... seriously.
  • Avatar for andrea_verin
    If I had known this band existed in 2010 I would have rushed to their uk gigs. can you please come back . please. <<< This :<
  • Avatar for zignash
    new album, please!
  • Avatar for Provashanty
    Best drums <3
  • Avatar for IndieFolkRadio
    Indie / Folk Radio - Bringing you a continuous mix of the nicest indie and folk tunes -
  • Avatar for lilyellowblue
    they've become my soundtrack for visiting the places I grew up. Really hauntingly amazing stuff.
  • Avatar for speedy122787
    Hometowns and Departing are my soundtrack for when I travel to Canada to see the New York Rangers play.
  • Avatar for Sythedum
    >Motion_Cried >"Radiohead only did two-and-a-half good albums in their whole career" >owmysides.png
  • Avatar for EllSmiRip
    more music, and come to America.
  • Avatar for StormandStatic
    v v ...what?
  • Avatar for funereal_waif
    those magnificent mountain guys brought me here.
  • Avatar for Motion_Cried
    We will only get 30 good songs from this band because of how shitty the infrastructure is in the record industry. They don't pay artists to write songs as much as they pay them to perform them. Sure, that means we get to see them every year and a half if we want to pay, but the prices are gouged and there aren't any new songs. Back when albums were cheap and plentiful, The Beatles would do ten albums in ten years. Bob Dylan has more good songs than most people will ever try to find. Meanwhile, Radiohead only did two-and-a-half good albums in their whole career. Weezer's music fell off after they sold out on their third album. Coldplay and The Strokes debut albums are bombshells, but they can't even write their own style with the New York Elitist bullshit staining them. As such, bands like The Silversun Pickups, The Black Keys, and Vampire Weekend are already passed their prime trying to get another hit out. They'll be 30 years old by their third album. Hopefully it's still good.
  • Avatar for swamp_inside
    good band
  • Avatar for anitazhou
    v same, saw them at sound of music and they were by far my favourite thing that day!
  • Avatar for jcrb1995
    Just saw these guys Saturday night at Sound Of Music Festival in Burlington. They were amazing!
  • Avatar for TooManyDans
    Be nice if they came back to the Uk or released a new album. Seems ages since Nation of Shopkeepers
  • Avatar for BooksFuturama
    North Star really sounds like the Antlers
  • Avatar for RYVITA-G
    If I had known this band existed in 2010 I would have rushed to their uk gigs. can you please come back . please.
  • Avatar for sambobgeldof
    Dear everybody. If you have the demo version of Don't HAunt This Place (from the original demo) please could you send this to me. It's pretty much all I am missing from my collection. Thank you for any help in advance.
  • Avatar for ForMiles
    The drummer is amazing...sometimes I just listen to the drums.
  • Avatar for Sebastian007
    Me encanta. La mejor banda que he descubierto en el último tiempo.
  • Avatar for Godsgotnicetile
    Lead singer kind of sounds like Gordon Gano of the Violent Femmes imo.


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