• Feb 2008: The Recordings Started!

    17 Feb 2008, 20:40 by Rockyrobby

    the recordings already started...
    we have now recorded the base of six new songs (16 (!) to go)....everything has to be good, with a good feel and in the right place.....we've got a lot of freedom in the recording stuido called "Lab van Akoestiek" in Eindhoven (http://www.labvanakoestiek.nl/) and we have a lot in common with our guitarrock-noise-postrock-lover Bert (Mark van der Heijden) our studio-engineer, playing the guitars in The Rose Frustrates. (http://www.therosefrustrates.com/)

    There's a good atmosphere in the studio and I feel this will gonna be our first album with a lot of creative freedom developing while the tape is running!

    I would have liked to be able to stay more often with Jacco, Nick and Bert in the studio, but I also got my mum and dad to take care of....

    Stay tuned!

    The Rose Frustrates
  • Begin 2008

    26 Jan 2008, 22:32 by Rockyrobby

    since we've met eachother again, at a concert from Dinosaur Jr. at The Effenaar, Eindhoven, Netherlands, started playing again with eachother, we now have 22 songs we can't resist to bring out!...