• 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die - The 1960's

    21 Mar 2011, 23:26 by darren86

  • [46] The Rolling Stones – The Rolling Stones (1964)

    2 Oct 2008, 21:13 by Llorenza

    The Rolling StonesThe Rolling Stones

    Yeeha, here are the Rolling Stones! Finally! I already listened to two Beatles-albums: it was about time the Rolling Stones came on the stage.
    The book says that this album was quite a revolution in the music scene. The book speaks the truth: I have seen it in a rock documentary too (Seven Ages Of Rock, really a recommendation). The Rolling Stones took blues music, made it faster and heavier and even more raw than it originally was. If you compare it to the Beatles' almost boysbandish kind of music, this is indeed something different, haha. Especially Mick Jagger's voice (let's be honest, he has a terrible voice... but so special) makes this music much rougher than the music that has passed the revue already.

    This reminds me however of my father who once said: "I'm going to let you hear some really heavy music from our time", after which he put on Gloria from Them. My brother and I couldn't stop laughing because the music starts with a very simple (banjo-like) guitar…