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  • Avatar for Javinry
    "it takes a special talent to make "in the bar, you're getting drunk" sound romantic and non-womanizing" that's exactly what defines this album, and that's why is the greatest rock&roll album ever, rock is party, drinking, game, fun...
  • Avatar for OldSchoolKing
    @Penny, aren't you forgetting Black & Blue, Tattoo You and Steel Wheels?
  • Avatar for ddorough
    this song is ridiculously underrated. easily one of their best
  • Avatar for Oppressotron
    'Maybe your friends think I'm just a stranger. My face you ain't never see no more.' Ripped word for word from 'Man of constant sorrow'.
  • Avatar for PennyTraition
    Last of a run of four albums before the decline, each one perfect (or as near perfect as possible...)
  • Avatar for ColorCaptn
    Keiner holt sie ein....
  • Avatar for algenon50
  • Avatar for algenon50
    WOW 2
  • Avatar for EJSrocket
  • Avatar for algenon50
    mine too,,,,,
  • Avatar for mynameisecho
    Such of my fave Stones tunes.
  • Avatar for algenon50
  • Avatar for live4ever89
    Frank Costello.
  • Avatar for algenon50
    YESSS !!!
  • Avatar for algenon50
    Well said pingpong_fiasco!
  • Avatar for Ctharlhie
    Shivers every time.
  • Avatar for DeThoom
    @Chiliburger801: Although the pianopart really sounds like Hopkins played it, it was actually played by Dr. John, also a great piano player.
  • Avatar for sharv11
    Unbelievably great & timeless...makes me want to be chillin' with my dearly missed son...<3
  • Avatar for ashrafoe
    pingpong_fiasco "below" knows what's up!
  • Avatar for ashrafoe
    "all dressed up to do you harm" --these lyrics always hits me hard. Fucking masterpiece
  • Avatar for CidaDuarteF
    Very good!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for pingpong_fiasco
    A crypto-Gospel number, the companion piece to the equally swampy I Just Want to See His Face. The best argument for what was missing in the Beatles.
  • Avatar for Chiliburger801
    Awesome piano at the end by the late Nicky Hopkins, R.I.P.
  • Avatar for algenon50
    I still have to say... WOW !! this great song...
  • Avatar for Grimmoire
    Black Hole Sun reminds me of this, somehow.
  • Avatar for ThisDominon
    I'll tell my friends dad's band (The Rolling Tones) to try fit this into their set... its a truly awesome song.
  • Avatar for algenon50
    I never tire of hearing this great song...been hearing it since it ....
  • Avatar for JellyBean1994
    This is wonderful.
  • Avatar for DionisLazaridi
  • Avatar for algenon50
  • Avatar for RippRock
    Love this song! Scorsese loved it too!
  • Avatar for algenon50
    I'm still loving this.......I don't want to loose my shout's here, as this is so good !
  • Avatar for JuliusNepos
    Tied with Moonlight Mile and Sympathy for my favorite Rolling Stones song.
  • Avatar for Alphavillain
    Just builds and builds. And to me that's the way brass should always sound.
  • Avatar for algenon50
    love love love this !!!!...put your headphones on for this one !!!!
  • Avatar for pewpewlasers
    fuck it. i love this song.
  • Avatar for venicechance
    One of the Stone's true epics.
  • Avatar for algenon50
    still lovin it
  • Avatar for shaolin86
    The piano reminds me of Handbags & Gladrags.
  • Avatar for gdcman
    "Scrape the shit right off your shoes"............
  • Avatar for tonydamato
    so damn beautiful.
  • Avatar for algenon50
    I know what you mean, I've been playing it since 1971...never get tired of it !!!!
  • Avatar for mjd34
    I love how this song feels like such a climax of the album, and then just throws you into All Down the Line. I could listen to Exile on repeat until the day I die.
  • Avatar for nussram
    Eines der besten Stones-Stücke.
  • Avatar for Dominico123
    Indescribably good.
  • Avatar for Strubelpeter
    Great Great Great
  • Avatar for Hellraiser917
  • Avatar for rewixas
  • Avatar for pogopatterson
    The guitar sound, I remember getting something similiar from messing with the settings of the Chorus pedal on a mates guitar.
  • Avatar for Druid66
    Another ragged masterpiece from the best band going. Love the "underwater" quality of the sound mix, it gives this piece a dream-like quality.


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