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  • Avatar for not_manu
    I like the plain white cover better, it's more fitting since it looks just like an invitation to a banquet.
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  • Avatar for MisterJunior
    Godlike album. Everyone rightly talks up "Sympathy for the Devil" and "Street Fighting Man" (that riff, my god), but for me it's the Blues/Country/Skiffle stuff that really puts it over the top. No one could beat the Stones at this point at playing stuff like "No Expectations," "Dear Doctor" and "Prodigal Son." The only song that I don't love on here is "Stray Cat Blues," which just feels to me like a self-conscious attempt to live up to their "bad boy" reputation/be "shocking." Solid riff, though.
  • Avatar for MusicNoow
    It also rated 10/10 on
  • Avatar for VadiushaKomarov
    rating 10/10
  • Avatar for Lsm1995
    Symphathy For The Devil!!
  • Avatar for VirtueFilms
  • Avatar for doonchlando
    This is quickly replacing Let It Bleed as my favorite Stone's album. There is just something about it that I can't quite put my finger on.
  • Avatar for gokunirvana
    That white cover is awful, it's too dull to represent what is inside. I guess people got used to it after 40 years.
  • Avatar for Mista_AnT
    Best Band ON The PLANET!!
  • Avatar for dAdriano
  • Avatar for Wowzie
    God rolls his own....
  • Avatar for Freddie1994
    From this album, The Rolling Stones reachead the level of The Beatles for me
  • Avatar for bantha_fodder_
    @metawirt Cool. Hadn't read about that before.
  • Avatar for hamzi37
    favourite album :D
  • Avatar for metawirt
    @bantha_fodder_: Just 50% right. The toilet cover had been the original cover as planned by the band. It's been censored by [label]Decca[/label] and [label]London Records[/label]
  • Avatar for bantha_fodder_
    The cover art with the toilet is the 2002 reissue, not the original.
  • Avatar for LittleBigPink
  • Avatar for hellcatshalala
    i'm so in love with this album* lol
  • Avatar for hellcatshalala
    Everything the Stones did from Beggars Banquet through Exile on Main St. is really amazing. They were on a serious creative roll. [3] pls
  • Avatar for DanLovesAlice
    Everything the Stones did from Beggars Banquet through Exile on Main St. is really amazing. They were on a serious creative roll. [2]
  • Avatar for johnemanuelbrol
    este disco de 1968,competio,con el doble blanco de los beatles, la portada es la original,en españa se censuró y decca tubo que hacer una portada blanca sin mas.el banquete de los mendigos es uno de los grandes discos de los rolling.
  • Avatar for Wayfarer1991
    Too great to describe how I love it.
  • Avatar for popstarthongboy
    Everything the Stones did from Beggars Banquet through Exile on Main St. is really amazing. They were on a serious creative roll.
  • Avatar for hellcatshalala
    i'm so in love this album ohmygod
  • Avatar for BigA2
    @irfanh23: I like the "RSVP" album cover far better than the toilet one. Besides, the white cover is what it was originally released with.
  • Avatar for bielizen
    Very good album
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  • Avatar for EvilMonkeyRec
    The Rolling Stones - 1971-3-14 - Live at London Roundhouse >>
  • Avatar for me_araujo
    one of the best albums ever!
  • Avatar for pepganzo
  • Avatar for rewixas
    finally, original cover !
  • Avatar for pepganzo
    one of their best.
  • Avatar for theqatrick
    There are three symbols of a devil.
  • Avatar for MrZadnichka
    oh I love this guys!
  • Avatar for Candlewhack
    Don't worry bitches. I got this.
  • Avatar for Mystaah
    The only truly complete Stones LP imo. One of my favorites with Aftermath, Sticky Fingers and Exile On Main St.
  • Avatar for licoricepizza
    thankfully the camera didn't angle it's aim downward. [great album, btw]. :D
  • Avatar for rewixas
  • Avatar for velvet_banana
  • Avatar for tamtation
    WHY THE ALLCAPS? [4] ... (on a number of Stones albums..)
  • Avatar for Xalio15
  • Avatar for elinmagg
  • Avatar for Drazba
    salt of the earth-great song
  • Avatar for Dysrianism
    toilet picture is the only way to go
  • Avatar for Chumsicles
    yes, but it was intended to be. the white cover was a last minute substitute, and a boring one at that
  • Avatar for bantha_fodder_
    The toilet picture is not the original cover. Vote it down.
  • Avatar for Felipe774
    the white cover is so boring...
  • Avatar for Camusland
    Put the toilet cover back again, please !
  • Avatar for AlJeX_18
    im a man of wealth and taste!!


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