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The are multiple artists with this name:

1) The River is a doom metal band formed in Croydon, England, UK in 1999. The dust in the room began to dance & bask in the amber glow from the valves as the amps began to rumble into life. Adding the battery gave life to the monolith whilst the soothing tones of the voice healed the wounds from the bludgeon. Light from the blocked out windows cast shadows across the walls, the haze only adding to the core of the sound as the aural mantra continued. The constant tapping of the rain outside only added to the rhythm & flow, not a heavy downpour but a constant nonetheless, mixing with the evening sun to cast a kaleidoscope of colours sprawling through the air. The River flows onwards.


2001 - The River (demo)
2003 - Oneiric Dirges in Mono (demo)
2005 - Different Ways to be Haunted (demo)
2006 - Drawing Down the Sun (full-length)
2008 - Broken Window (EP)
2009 - In Situ (full-length)

2) The River is an atmospheric post-metal band from Brisbane, Australia. “Dragged Through The Night” is the band debut EP, with two stunning atmospheric and powerful tracks. The River play heavy and tensed shoegazing atmospheres.


3) The River was a short lived Southern California doom metal band. Formed in 2010, released two tapes one being a split. Sheeep worship at it's filthiest. Bandcamp page: http://theriver666.bandcamp.com

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