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The Resignators - Ska… but not as you know it -

Born from the death of many local bands and named after a RX Bandits album The Resignators are known amongst locals as 'The Band From The Spencer Street Railway Station Dunnies'.

The Resignators have toured the world multiple times over, risking speeding tickets, their jobs, and their health to bring upstrokes and throwdowns to good folk everywhere!

This is a mission from God bigger than any one man, so when necessary, Melbourne offers up her finest musicians to fill the vacancies.

Initiates are baptised in the holy water of the horn section, taught the hallowed stanzas* and finally anointed with the revered Resignators hot sauce.

While bringing their ska punk to the world, the world has given it's many musical flavours in return.

The resulting sound bears influences that range from mariachi one minute, to rockabilly the next.

Combine all these elements and you get a hard driving mix of Jamaican backbeat rhythms with the ferocity of punk rock that dares you to dance!

The Resignators are famous for their wild stage show that gives 100% whether in a small club or on a festival stage.

This hand crafted, cross genre blend is greeted with enthusiasm by both the music appreciator up back, tapping his foot with a beer in hand, to those swinging their elbows in the pit.

With high energy performances that leave the crowd howling for more, The Resignators show no signs of slowing their tempo any time soon!

*(Drums and Chickens, Drunks and Children, Drugs and Kittens, Dogs and Chaplains, Doves and Civilians, Amen)

'The Resignators sounded like Gang of Four if they were a ska band. Most of the audience sitting around me left the balcony for the dance floor, which was totally understandable. The band had an incredible energy, a great sound hybrid of vintage rock and roll and ska, a really cool organ and a kick-ass front man. I officially declare this the best ska set I’ve ever seen.'
CJLO, Montreal, Canada

For more information about the band check out the links below, and for phone, skype or email interviews contact the band directly at

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