• Top 10 3/5-3/12 ~!

    13 Mar 2006, 22:43 by daoster

    My second week of doing this...and amazingly enough, Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra didn't totally dominate the charts! They were still #1, but by less than last week.

    1. Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra (54). What can I say? My favorite band, etc., etc., etc.,. I'm still looking for their two latest singles on the net, but to no avail. There were rumours of a U.S. tour this summer, and I'm hoping that those rumours are true!

    2. Split Lip Rayfield (19). Now this is a different artist from the usual stuff I listen to. I'll be honest, and say that I'm not the biggest bluegrass fan, but I really enjoy this band after a friend recommended them to me. They're catchy, play their instruments really well at break neck speed, and the bass player's bass was made from a gas tank of an old pick up. What more can one ask for? The track Hundred Dollar Bill off their album, "Should Have Seen it Coming" is probably my favorite track.