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The Rakes

Suspicious Eyes (3:48)


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  • Sorry they split.
  • they got all political on this track. look at that!
  • one of the most addictive songs EVER
  • Just fell in love :0
  • bon son
  • Yeh!
  • i hate speaking in this song
  • Wow I,d never of guessed it was Laura Marling I should read my cd covers more
  • Laura Marling is the woman singing.
  • whos the womans voice?
  • a very under rated band, I loved these guys when I saw em back in day in leicester
  • Sounds intriguing.
  • gwych!
  • love it
  • *_*
  • it's kinda weird to hear laura marling singing with that beat, but a great song..
  • wow this song is seriously really fucking good
  • I like it !
  • As usual, Surfbum76 speaks the truth...awesome song...awesome band...btw, hi Smithslover1!
  • everytime I listen to them it makes me wanna dance - but then I realize I want to shoot myselve 'caus they fucking split!!!!!! ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I still don't understand why :(
  • Cool!
  • hi my friends
  • :]
  • This song isn't about any London that I recognise. Nobody on the tube cares where you're from or who you are, they just want to get home. It's a good song though and I like the different voices - wish more indie bands would do that.
  • Great Song ! Great Band !
  • if you're so scared, move! incredibly good song.
  • Pretty kool
  • L O VE ! !
  • good song. very relevant today. pathetic how these stereotypes are still prevalent in 2010!
  • story of ma life man
  • ma infatti....un vero peccato!ascolta gli art brut che non sono male
  • una delle mie band preferite! perchè vi siete sciolti?????? :-((
  • This is really good. Love the lyrics and all the different voices in the story.
  • like this like not bad at all
  • one of my favourie band! Gotta love them!
  • dance dance dance
  • very good!
  • good :)
  • Coolies : )
  • soooooo addicted to this song:)))
  • Laura is perfect <3
  • You don't see it, but I'm totally dancing. Ok, that person out the window sees it. But otherwise...
  • yes, different in a good way :]
  • i don't know why i want to be skeptical of the rakes. this song is perfectly enjoyable. whats with me?
  • laura marling's part is amazing
  • not a fan. Some of their stuff is ok but not really my thing -> skip
  • love this song! alan donahoe's vocals are brilliant
  • temazo¡¡¡¡
  • Great<33
  • Ooh, it sounds different... In a good way. :)


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