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  • Avatar for PauloLochs
    one of the best albums i've ever heard
  • Avatar for Shitfaceshere
    literally best indie album. people that say its shoegaze, despite having certain shoegaze elements, only one song can be called shoegaze and that is keen on boys
  • Avatar for StrictlyStupid
    This is so beautiful, why have I held it off for so long?
  • Avatar for soren121
    I wonder why Labrador decided to stop distributing Lesser Matters. You can't get it anywhere online, or even buy it on CD. I had to buy it used, which of course gives no money to this fantastic band for this amazing album.
  • Avatar for Anisamar
    Brimming with nostalgia and the faint warmth of the late afternoon sun.
  • Avatar for radioheadindie
    I need more Lesser Matters in my life [3]
  • Avatar for Levimon
    this has got to be one of my favorite albums of all time. ALL TIME
  • Avatar for serenityQn
  • Avatar for hirezshow
    Their ability to capture these small but special human emotions/memories is absolutely stunning.
  • Avatar for GreenKamo
    I need more Lesser Matters in my life
  • Avatar for 01010100
    listening to this always feels like taking a trip down the memory lane. couldn't help the tears.
  • Avatar for playgr0undtwist
    There are some ridiculously spot-on break up songs on this album.
  • Avatar for matt1337c
    A surprisingly good album. It's so sad that this faded into such obscurity. It deserves a lot more fans.
  • Avatar for indiegolfer
    One of my favorite albums ever
  • Avatar for kijul
    soo good [2] *Summer Finn's Voice
  • Avatar for gaiusmanlius
    soo good
  • Avatar for BeePx
    the best album, love it
  • Avatar for ColDDream13
    My favorite radio dept. album, i wish they would make another one like this. [2]
  • Avatar for speedlimit195
    My favorite radio dept. album, i wish they would make another one like this.
  • Avatar for Dalakishvili
    good, expressive music!
  • Avatar for aimee-oz
    This is such a good album. Part of why I like it so much is that they differentiate between the songs better than on, say, Clinging to a Scheme. And the little touches of -- what is it, xylophone? -- are amazing. Truly wonderful album all-around and everywhere. So chill and dreamy and yet like a pop rainstorm, with touches of maturity and easy depth in the lyrics.
  • Avatar for kaw1216
    this is 100% their greatest album. the first time i heard "Strange things will Happen" and "Where Damage Isnt Already Done" i was blown away. they definitely got me into the whole "Lo-Fi" sound, cant turn back now, i love it!
  • Avatar for zlavek
    Still their best album! Even if the others are fantastic too.
  • Avatar for POTDL
    i hear to clinging then to pet grief but yeah that one makes me sure i like these guys
  • Avatar for buslertq
    1) Pet Grief; 2) Lesser Matters; 3) Clinging to a Scheme; 4) All other albums by all other bands ever
  • Avatar for thahbianchi
  • Avatar for rodrix007
    Your Father, 1995 <3
  • Avatar for Shyvin
    Perfect album. 10/10
  • Avatar for tschanel
    best of 2000's
  • Avatar for existencefutile
    the song i enjoy the most is your father. it makes me want to vomit, in a good way.
  • Avatar for penguinhuddle
    so i'm listening to this album for the first time today, and wow, it's really good. it's easily better than Pet Grief, in my opinion.
  • Avatar for premedytacja
    amazingly beautiful. I guess that's gonna be my top album this winter...
  • Avatar for jaggers304
    Slotten #2 is such a sad song.
  • Avatar for chewayne
    the best debut album ever!
  • Avatar for Ashluke
    Better then Pet Grief by far, I love it!
  • Avatar for placebo_molko
    awesome album. i like all the songs
  • Avatar for Mizuhara
    it is in my top 3 ever.
  • Avatar for -Lorry-
    the best album of all time. cherish this.
  • Avatar for lascivit
    i'm still keen on boys
  • Avatar for Fuhrerfuzzy
    This album is great!
  • Avatar for dadadidi
  • Avatar for dadadidi
  • Avatar for luistua
    after 2 year to hear it... this is a good album, only this...
  • Avatar for javsthemute
    Why yes, it is amazing.
  • Avatar for emmetation
    I can't believe I can listen to this whenever I want to. This is amazing!

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