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  • Avatar for samiskywalker
    Jack FUCKING White <3
  • Avatar for thprisoner
    mlspirit, I agree!
  • Avatar for nicorebel
    ractastic (7)
  • Avatar for mlspirit
    This song is really good, but i don't get why people love it SO much. I mean, every other track on this album is so superior but this one is still the most popular. Pretty weird.
  • Avatar for lokkasolarock
    the best, I love
  • Avatar for Tarantoga3
    This song rocks.
  • Avatar for nicorebel
  • Avatar for grungehe
    Wooooooooooooohooooooooooooooooooo[3] Damn i love this track, Jack White can do no wrong!![4] Pizza[3]
  • Avatar for grungehe
    Damn i love this track, Jack White can do no wrong!! [3] and Pizza [2]
  • Avatar for grungehe
    Pizza (1)
  • Avatar for Tom_Pullings
    Damn i love this track, Jack White can do no wrong!! [2]
  • Avatar for nicorebel
    sounds like AC/DC
  • Avatar for bicknor
    Wonder if they know any good anecdotes? Unlikely, I suspect.
  • Avatar for Subman6
    Awesome song to listen while riding a bike!
  • Avatar for Paul_IS_Dead__
    Yippi-ki-yay! muthafuckas!
  • Avatar for IRDrunkenRabbit
    Fhawking Great!
  • Avatar for My_Cacaphony
    thumbs up
  • Avatar for aerophanes
  • Avatar for jwgaris
    Good goddamn garage sound
  • Avatar for redandblu
    Wooooooooooooohooooooooooooooooooo [2]
  • Avatar for thekills1985
    Jack White is legendary in everything he does! Good song :)
  • Avatar for upesupernova
    I'm not the biggest Raconteurs' fan, but this song has to be the definition of mind-blowing
  • Avatar for NatalieAddams1
  • Avatar for jeanettepaige
    Just jamming the fuck out in class, nbd
  • Avatar for skydiving_elvis
    Damn i love this track, Jack White can do no wrong!!
  • Avatar for DftD
    like WS
  • Avatar for Bonafido
    Jack White you genius...
  • Avatar for been__insane
  • Avatar for adrienmercier
    @ jcsept7 Brendan Benson sounds a lot like Sting
  • Avatar for Druid66
    Brilliantly nutso.
  • Avatar for oyveychris
    Just what I need for motivation on a crummy rainy day!
  • Avatar for RobCanning
    Long live The Raconteurs!!!
  • Avatar for alicecupcakes
    jack white is a genius. everything he touches turns into musical gold.
  • Avatar for mrfootball70
    i dare you 2 try and find fault in this fuckin song!!
  • Avatar for Up_the_Sounders
    Blast this shit up! WOOP WOOP!
  • Avatar for Greenbela
    great !!! good mood :D
  • Avatar for eleesae
    fucking LOVE Jack White!!! He's the best thing that's happened to music in decades!
  • Avatar for oodyboocs
    <----- What im doing cuz of this song
  • Avatar for blockedid2000
  • Avatar for jcsept7
    reminds me of the police in a more kick ass way :-)
  • Avatar for JeckylnHyde2010
    @ Grimmoire: You are only saying that because Jack White is the vocalist.
  • Avatar for bandfan76
    so not true. The Racs are more influenced by classic rock while The Stripes were influenced by blues.
  • Avatar for Grimmoire
    Very White Stripy :D
  • Avatar for tastethemagic
  • Avatar for jpn666
    seat belts no hands out the window
  • Avatar for Speirsy94
    Jack White is Phenomenal !!!
  • Avatar for shashan
  • Avatar for Moxxxu
    im listning this first time, and it hits right away!
  • Avatar for branchong
    Johnny60185 lol
  • Avatar for johnny60185
    IT'S Jack baby duh!@bostache


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