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    14 Aug 2005, 06:13 by boirozzlyn

    Secret Affair -- Glory Boys
    OK, I'll spare both people who read this of my theory about how Secret Affair, or at least singer/primary songwriter Ian Page, is totally smegging gay/ Instead, I will sing unadulterated praises to this album of theirs. Secret Affair was the only "Mod revival" band to even kind of rival The Jam in popularity (at least in the UK -- the the States they're still generally obscure after over twenty-five years), they were the only band of their kind to revive the 1960s feel without sounding either cookie-cutter or like over-enthusuastic teenagers star-struck over a Paul Revere And The Raiders album (like The Purple Hearts). While the influences are apparent, it;s hard to mistake Secret Affair for any other band -- ever.

    Toyah -- Sheep Farming In Barnet
    I believe this was Toyah's first album which beautifully displayed her decidedly avant-garde take on The New Wave. Her music is probably best described as Lene Lovich meets Yoko Ono