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Sure, this whole 80's thing is still going on, but let's just remember there was more to the 80's than the Clash and the Thompson Twins. There were many European bands who straddled the lines between post-punk and goth/industrial, as in Clan of Xymox, Trisomie 21, the Cassandra Complex, the Legendary Pink Dots, New Order, etc. The Prids update this sound for the new millennium, with a whole boy-girl interplay that provides a freshness to what they're trying to do. And considering the boy-girl, David Frederickson and Mistina Keith, were married, then divorced, and still play in this band together, well that gives a whole new meaning to sexual tension.
The Prids began in Portand, Oregon, with duo : David (guitar, vocals) and Mistina (bass, vocals) as the core of the band, with their " made-for-each-other " voices. They've been frequently tagged as neo-post punk, and have been widely considered underexposed and underrated. They continue to maintain a very loyal fan base. "We Miss The Earth" is a darker, post punk project of Mistina's, now named Mistina La Fave.

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