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  • Avatar for my2ndaccount
    I had one of my "best naps ever" to this song on repeat.
  • Avatar for Caamella
    amazing song
  • Avatar for joshsaussey
    This may be my favorite song by The Postal Service. The lyrics are stunning. [2]
  • Avatar for lukasz_pulawski
    Still loving it!
  • Avatar for StyleAtTheTime
    Too bad Gibbard wanted to keep doing Death Cab rather than the single best thing he's done his entire career.
  • Avatar for lukasz_pulawski
    what a positive song!
  • Avatar for mutexplosion
    The "No concerns about the world getting warmer/People thought they were just being rewarded" part sounds like something a conservative politician would say about global warming. "It's because God wants us to be warm and happy!"
  • Avatar for Hullabaloolaloo
    I think this guy is planning on sleeping in
  • Avatar for Cheezdude
    snap snap snap snap snap snap snap
  • Avatar for ArielxArchangel
    mailing letters with the address of the sender - Now we can swim anyday in november. Interesting ... two things to try out now.
  • Avatar for tttaco112
    postal service = complete and absolute perfectness :)
  • Avatar for BiIIyShears
    Amazing song, one of my favorites. :)
    this is defenitly my favorite song by the postal service
  • Avatar for silvasonicsurfa
    .......shhhhh I've gone...
  • Avatar for captainyodel
  • Avatar for BeatNicKatie
    This may be my favorite song by The Postal Service. The lyrics are stunning.
  • Avatar for nonop90
    Its partly because of songs like this, that young people all around the world are waking up, seemingly all at once. Reinforcing my opinion that some of the music of the last decade is the best ever created. I don't take things for granted.
  • Avatar for nonop90
    Amazing when you've got a good buzz going. AND just now noticing the track time :PPPP
  • Avatar for tytoalba56
  • Avatar for indieRocker_
    now we can swim any day in November
  • Avatar for DannonL
    slightly bored and severely confused...
  • Avatar for vivalarockin
  • Avatar for stephanithaog
    My favorite Postal Service song
  • Avatar for beachteach190
  • Avatar for TheRobotYouFear
    my top postal service track... damn it saddens me to never hear any new stuff from these guys...
  • Avatar for TheRobotYouFear
    Ben Gibbard... Dntel... you guys are a work of art, please put out another album soon
  • Avatar for AmburFallen
    ~.~ .don't wake me,I plan on sleeping in..<3....
  • Avatar for LilLaura1702
    best thing to wake up to in the college canteen after an all night up the heath. back in the days whe life was simpler. 2 years i'll never forget :) :) xxx
  • Avatar for DustyStreet
    Soooo need this song today. An overcast Monday, the first Monday after Spring Forward daylight Savings, and it feels like I have to get up an hour earlier, geesh with the clouds n all it feels like it is just barely morning. :/
  • Avatar for snuphotography
    need new album NOW! ;)
  • Avatar for publicJENemy
    brings me back to some of the best days of my life.
  • Avatar for lhsaints05
    everytime i listen to this song i get lost :) always makes me picture rain :) such a great n peaceful song
  • Avatar for vilandra_23
    hellloo high school
  • Avatar for noljer
    i'm bored and slightly confused
  • Avatar for trashymomma
    dont wake me i plan on sleeping in..
  • Avatar for betterthansalad
    There was never any mystery about who killed John F. Kennedy.
  • Avatar for BraveNewMusic
    Last week I had the strangest dream. Love them.
  • Avatar for Digitalfuture1
    I would like to call in sick to work and just play this song over the phone...and then laugh and hang up. SWEET!!!
  • Avatar for Digitalfuture1
    I love these guys, Seattle has the best music...and coffee....oh wait....they also have the best Fish mongers. I am moving to Seattle.
  • Avatar for treefellows
    i've always loved the intro to this song. c:
  • Avatar for jonnyxedge
    i love riding out to this at nite,
  • Avatar for tastethemagic
    interesting song :3
  • Avatar for darth_pigeon
    its such a great song...too bad that i put this on alarm and now i am torn between love and revulsion :( guys never put the songs you like on alarm...
  • Avatar for shortstuff_
    "god loves crappy cars" lol.
  • Avatar for TDFS
    Fashioncore fags go home! [3]
  • Avatar for Josh_Sense
    man, i love this song/band.
  • Avatar for stephaniesaysVU
    reminds me of sitting in the car in the freezing cold trying to warm it up. god loves crappy cars.
  • Avatar for SirKristoph
    Pure love
  • Avatar for bernie0girl
    Nice dreams :]
  • Avatar for Sockhead360
    lay in bed on a rainy day w/ this song on repeat. in the morning lol. and never get out of bed.


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