• Essential Rockabilly

    20 Jun 2012, 22:16 by borntohang

  • SOUND AWAKE Setlist: September 2, 2008

    3 Sep 2008, 02:38 by kingofgrief

    3 PM:

    Brian Wilson / That Lucky Old Sun / (Capitol 08)

    4 O'CLOCK 80s BLOCK:
    Men at Work / Overkill / Cargo (Columbia 83)
    The Monroes / What Do All the People Know / The Monroes (Alfa 82)
    Alphaville / Sounds Like a Melody / Forever Young (Atlantic 84)
    Sigue Sigue Sputnik / Love Missile F1-11 / Flaunt It (EMI Manhattan 86)
    The Polecats / Make a Circuit With Me / [7" Single] (Mercury UK 82)
    The Style Council / Long Hot Summer [12" Mix] / The Singular Adventures of The Style Council (Polydor 83/89)
    Bridge Music: Tangerine Dream / Quichotte / Pergamon (Castle UK 80)

    4:30 PM:
    Computer vs. Banjo / Giving Up on Ghosts / Computer vs. Banjo (Diagram 08)
    Black Rebel Motorcycle Club / Ain't No Easy Way / Howl (RCA 05)
    Suzanne Vega / Fat Man & Dancing Girl / 99.9 F­­° (A&M 92)
    Delerium [Vocals: Camille Henderson] / Duende / Karma (Nettwerk 97)
    Spiritualized / Sweet Talk / Songs in A&E (Spaceman/Sanctuary 08) [event=715879][/event]
  • I Got a New Girl, No Kissing Yet

    15 May 2008, 03:16 by jonniewilks

    In the years I've been hitting the Fukuoka live houses, a band that has consistently impressed me has been Roi Schaider. Totally unassuming, barely gifted when it comes to playing their instruments, something very groovy happens when the three of them come together.

    With lyrics that are as innocent as an eikaiwa lesson, the song that's got me moving most these days is Nice to Meet You (Na Na Na). It's an essential crowd-pleaser during their short but frenetic sets, and it's guaranteed to stick in your head for days to come.

    Worth a listen also is the massively perverted New Girl, though I don't believe the band have caught the perfect performance yet. The version linked above is a solo performance from enigmatic frontman, Sakura, recorded in his kitchen on a broken laptop. It's got the requisite Robert Johnson-isms. I think that's all he was really after.

    Not the most far-out band in my record collection, but one that I look forward to hearing more from. Spread the word!

  • The Cat's Whiskers

    16 Apr 2008, 12:17 by johnspithead

    I have never been able to resist a bit of rockabilly. A couple of years ago, myself and Charlotte (my other half) took ourselves off for a bit of a drive round Australia. I had burned a few compilation CDs to play in the car and it was about three quarters of the way between Melbourne and Sydney when she finally had enough (the final straw being the live version of Frank Zappa's cod-reggae version of Bolero)and accused me (falsely, as it happens)of bringing five CDs of obscure fucking B-sides, and telling me in no uncertain terms that the next record shop we found I was to buy something more fucking listenable. The next record shop we came to was the absolutely AMAZING Red Eye Records in Sydney, and -despite going in with the best of intentions and with my relationship in peril - I came out with a compilation of rockabilly acetates. I can only blame the rockabilly revival of 1979.

    Now, I can only speak for London, but there was a very well established rockabilly scene (based largely at the Southgate Royalty…
  • More

    21 Dec 2007, 06:17 by ghostwiring

    01. How did you get into #31?
    I think iTunes recommended them.

    02. What was the first song you ever heard by #22?
    The Pillows
    "Ride on Shooting Star" while watching FLCL. Good times.

    03. What's your favorite lyric by #41?
    "Next time you open your mouth/I'll put my fist down your throat/so deep you cannot swallow/I'll make your body hollow"

    04. What is your favourite album by #49?
    Icon of Coil
    Eh...I'm sort of just getting into their I'll reserve my answer for a later time.

    05. How many albums by #13 do you own?
    Elvis Presley
    No physical albums...plenty of digital ones though.

    06. What is your favourite song by #50?
    Third Eye Blind
    "Deep Inside of You"

    07. Is there a song by #4 that makes you sad?
    "Kein Zurück" and "Künstliche Welten"

    08. What is your least favourite song by #15?
    I don't listen to "Pillar of Davidson" or "Voodoo Lady" much.
  • 80s Music Conundrum

    9 May 2007, 16:10 by rtreynor

    So, last night at the restaurant, I heard an 80s song on the house music that I hadn't heard since the 80s. That's quite impressive. Most of the songs heard now from that decade can be heard almost every day if you seek them out.

    And usually, when the MusicChoice station that is played at work plays a "deep track" from the 80s - I have no problem recognizing it.

    Is that Make A Circuit With Me? It must be The Polecats. Stand By? That's Roman Holiday. Who's doing that cover of Ziggy Stardust? That's obviously Bauhaus.

    I was a child of the Reagan era, and like most teenagers, a huge consumer of music. I wanted to know everything out there. And for a large degree, I did. I can pretty much name the artist of any song that had a video on MTV back then, just by hearing a few measures.

    And the few songs that have haunted me - the ones I wasn't all that familiar with back in the 80s, but have been stuck in my head - I've sought out and discovered the title and track of the song. …