• WANTED: KC/Lawrence (& more) Music

    8 Jan 2013, 01:39 by thisisahiijack

    1. This is an ever-growing list of bands and albums I am searching for. Much like the 'haves' journal, not all of these artists are current residents of the area, but all of them have called the region home at one time or another.
    2. This list will never be completely up-to-date, as there are so many musicians that have come out of the area and have released albums with multiple bands. I've also chalked it up to a near-impossibility that I will ever get all of these, but I can try.
    3. I'm open for almost all types of music. If you have something you may not see here, don't let that keep you from speaking up about it. The only types of music I make a general rule not to track down are those who lean more towards a sound of rap rock/nu-metal (downthesun, 8 degrees, Canvas), bar band/classic rock/hair metal/general guitar wankery (Puddle of Mudd fits into the bar band category, the others I don't care to list examples for), or bad rap (Tech N9ne, countless others).
  • Bands I remember live (Alpha)

    10 Feb 2006, 09:32 by janalyst

    A work in progress until I can remember the real years and the numberous ones Ive forgotten

    NZ Music

    the vauxhalls (wayne manor)
    vapour and the trails (wayne manor)
    the nameless (wayne manor)
    stanley wrench and the monkey brothers (wayne manor)
    splash alley (wayne manor)
    Toy Love (gladstone -April)
    street of flowers
    the vacuum
    The Androidss
    bon marche
    The Swingers

    the breathless
    murder strikes pink
    The Gordons ( imperial w/features ? first played june80)
    The Features(gladstone w/spelling mistakes? late june 80 ?)
    The Spelling Mistakes
    compulsory fun
    the siphoners
    the newz
    Victor Dimisich Band
    The Newtones
    kazaa portico
    25 cents
    the volkswagens
    the chance

    The Pin Group
    The Clean
    Blam Blam Blam (mid 81 screamingblamatics gladstone)
    Screamin Mee Mees
    The Newmatics
    Beat Rhythm Fashion
    The Playthings
    drowning is easy
    The Chills (first trip chch late 1981)

    The Verlaines
    The Stones
    Sneaky Feelings
    the perfect strangers/the and band