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On one of the most impressive albums of 2006, The Pinder Brothers arrived with a new hybrid sound that combines soaring pop melodies, rocking electric guitars, mellotrons, stellar vocals and more.

Rock music fans hip to the Pinder family will remember the name from the Moody Blues, founded over 40 years ago by Michael and Matthew's father, rock legend, Mike Pinder. Commenting on the Moody Blues connection, Michael says, "The orchestral arrangements and sound of the mellotron really sparked my imagination at a young age." That classic '60s pop innovation has merged with modern influences to create the distinctive arrangements that mark The Pinder Brothers sound.

Mike Lee’s thoughts on the destiny of The Pinder Brothers to make great music: “Everybody kind of searches for where they really feel their bliss is. What I like is Joseph Campbell, the mythologist. His big saying was “Follow Your Bliss” and his quote to that was, ‘If you follow your bliss, you put yourself on a kind of track that was there the whole while and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls.’ And I’ve always felt that way. For me, music has felt very blissful and the path that I was supposed to be on.”

A versatile guitarist and bass player in his own right, Matt Pinder explains his role in the Pinder Brothers lineup: “Making Pinder Family music incorporates the best of a team with every  band member and producer placing their best foot forward. I play a little bit of everything in the music and my strength is in instrument arrangement."

I was very surprised at the way the songs were sounding as we were making the record, because over the last few years my songwriting style has taken on newer influences. We just completed our third CD. This album points to our roots and tapped into many early elements of my songwriting style.

"Both Matt Pinder and Mike Lee Pinder have pop music running through their veins. Actually, the closest sound the Pinders have is to The Rembrandts. This is smooth easy going pop full of romantic subtext. There are some true gems here. Both albums here are recommended."
- Powerpopaholic, PowerPopaholic

"The Pinder Brothers know exactly how to land a pop uppercut. Keeping this in boxing terms, Ordinary Man is a pretty clean knockout. The Pinder Brothers don't shy away from the big hooks. So it's no surprise that they reel you in every time."
- Alex Green, Caught In The Carousel

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