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  • naotas_forehead

    My favorite Pillows song, probably. The slow part... just gives me intense waves of nostalgia for FLCL. As crazy and fast-paced that anime is, the slow, poignant moments (like whenever this song played) are what really made it special.

    last month
  • negima696


    March 2013
  • sjgraves13

    nice song

    November 2012
  • Nakkinak

    perfect ლಥ_ಥ ლ

    November 2011
  • Lucky_Lungz

    Awesome guitar effects. Really is a beautiful song, I've felt the shivers too.

    November 2011
  • miread

    takes a little over half the song to get good, but when it does, it's perfect

    August 2011
  • shinikaru

    joy-shiver every time I listen to this, still shivering

    September 2009
  • zahatorte15

    my fault more like 5:43 lol

    February 2009
  • zahatorte15

    u should hear this song with the lyrics its like the best song evr its actually like 3 minutes long lol

    February 2009
  • plonka3000

    great song, those chords are so catchy

    October 2008
  • JrStrid3r

    My alarm song. Love waking to this

    August 2008

    "Beautiful Morning..." is beautiful =P

    July 2008
  • ToXiKdInOsAuR

    This song has made my day...

    May 2008
  • Kyptos

    wow. ^_^

    March 2008
  • Yarbo

    My ears are in absolute bliss at the moment. One of the best songs evar!

    December 2007
  • icestar87

    absolutely ADORE tis song~

    July 2007
  • yu00

    fuck. this song is soooo good ♥

    June 2007
  • qalates3

    MY EARS!!!

    May 2006
  • BeamYosho


    April 2006