• 2008 Best-Of Lists/Review

    17 Jan 2009, 14:18 by Verslapper

    2008 saw me continue my drift towards heavier and more diverse music, and I think I've found my musical home: the slow, sludgy, low and heavy stylings of grunge. Perhaps I've come full circle back to the genre that burst onto the music scene in the early to mid 1990s, as I was becoming acquainted with music. In fact, I've been drawn to a lot more older music this year: from 1970s Southern rockers Lynyrd Skynyrd, the 70s and 80s progressive rock of Rush, the 70s and 80s heavy metal of Judas Priest, 70s and 80s punk from Sex Pistols and Dead Kennedys, indie rock forefathers Pixies, the grunginess of Alice In Chains (and re-introducing myself to Soundgarden and Nirvana) and the greatest of all discoveries: the 90s sludge metal of Kyuss.

    Part of this stems from listening to the least amount of radio in years. My beautiful Subaru Liberty, acquired November 2007, always has an MP3 DVD with stuff on it. Maybe the hip-hop and RnB on Triple J was too much for me. …
  • Święta, święta vol. I

    25 Dec 2008, 14:44 by Nartireczek

    ***wydanie 85.***

    ***urodzili się:***
    1. ANNIE LENNOX " Sing" Sony BMG 2008
    2. JAMES BROWN "It's a Man's Man's Man's World" King 1966
    3. NOEL HOGAN "Dreams" Universal 1993
    4. ALANNAH MYLES "Like Flames" 2000
    5. DEAN MARTIN "Everybody Loves Somebody" Warner 1964
    6. DIDO "Safe Trip Home" Sony 2008

    ***kolędy, kolędy***
    7. KASIA KOWALSKA "Cicha Noc"
    8. POSPIESZALSCY "Mędrcy świata" Polskie Radio 2000
    9. Chór Chłopięcy i Zespół Instrumentalny Państwowej Filharmonii w Poznaniu "W szopie we żłobeczku" 1994
    10. POSPIESZALSCY "Koleda Płynie z Wysokości" Polskie Radio 2000

    ***Q wybrał płyty roku 2008:***
    11. VAMPIRE WEEKEND "Vampire Weekend" XL 2008
    12. MYSTERY JETS "21" Warner 2008

    ***...na pocztówce nie wiadomo skąd:***
    13. "Make Out, Fall Out, Make Up" Sony 2007
    14. "Heimdalsgate Like A Promethean Curse" Sony 2007