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  • Avatar for Naivety
    New "Hours" 7" is amazing!
  • Avatar for JustChewIt
    eagle vs shark music was perfect
  • Avatar for Chel3000
    "Only Finland's Phoenix Foundation" [5]
  • Avatar for Durumar
    Only Finland's Phoenix Foundation
  • Avatar for gingermark
    Finally got hold of a copy of "Echoes" - loving it!
  • Avatar for thedevilrider
    @cylob nope
  • Avatar for Cylob
    Are there no barbers in NZ?
  • Avatar for Naivety
    Обновил биографию финских панк-рокеров)
  • Avatar for Cat_007
    I like it)))) Greetings from Uktaine! We love you!
  • Avatar for rand0m_nickname
    uff no Moscow yet :(( keeping my fingers crossed for the future :)
  • Avatar for thedevilrider
  • Avatar for thedevilrider
    Touring Russia would be amazing!
  • Avatar for rand0m_nickname
    thedevilrider, thank you for your answer! come to Moscow, Russia someday pleeeease :))
  • Avatar for eusa_kills
    The NZ Phoenix Foundation formed first, so if it's a matter of "default" bands the title is theirs, but... can't we all just get along? :P
  • Avatar for Blackicystraw
    know u guys through Eagle VS shark!!!!!
  • Avatar for thedevilrider
    I appreciate that the split Last FM page is annoying for some of you (FYI rand0m_nickname, the 'Silence' lp is indeed the Finnish band). I'm from the NZ TPF and we find it quite annoying too, people are often getting in touch after accidentally buying the Finnish hard core punk wanting to know if we have completely changed our sound etc (i'm it has happened the other way too). But we are in no way going to change our name and I guess we all just have to live with this confusion.
  • Avatar for rand0m_nickname
    "silence" lp (2012) is finnish band's, isnt it?
  • Avatar for industriaFAN
    "Only Finland's Phoenix Foundation" [3]
  • Avatar for fuzzbunga
    N.Z. vs Finland? All I know is that Horsepower is a beautiful album.
  • Avatar for Bogus_Reilly
    "Only Finland's Phoenix Foundation" [2]
  • Avatar for Naivety
    Only Finland's Phoenix Foundation
  • Avatar for nestenes
    through the woods is a jam <3
  • Avatar for Alfonsinaidola
  • Avatar for fieldmuzick
    Wie kann ich diese Welt mit Magie kontrollieren?
  • Avatar for kratkoijasno
    Finish band is way better!
  • Avatar for Timppa2000
    "the Finnish band should be the default Phoenix Foundation." lol, no.
  • Avatar for RideSoTa
    Later… with Jools Holland → Buffalo: | Flock of Hearts:
  • Avatar for awkward
    yeah the Finnish band should be the default Phoenix Foundation. just because.
  • Avatar for Naivety
    "New album "No Love Lost" from Finland's Phoenix Foundation is beautiful and powerful..." +1
  • Avatar for ketchup539
    Saw you guys last night in timaru. Awesome show.
  • Avatar for rnastia025
    eagle vs shark <3
  • Avatar for Groovemine
    The new album absolutely brims with an easy and infectious air, as pop gem after gem rolls by. Read more about this cool album on Groovemine, PLUS FREE MP3: “Buffalo” HERE:
  • Avatar for Bogus_Reilly
    New album "No Love Lost" from Finland's Phoenix Foundation is beautiful and powerful...
  • Avatar for scott_sea
    Just saw the video for "Buffalo" on TV this morning, thank you Neil and Sharon Finn for choosing it!
  • Avatar for ilyAK84
    'Blue summer'
  • Avatar for Sunderland4ever
    Floating in the harbour, wash the night, shining stars and sweeping the corners...
  • Avatar for AbleBluenote
    @SoulJazzsterInc: shins?muchbetter ;)
  • Avatar for SoulJazzsterInc
    They remind me a lot of the Shins
  • Avatar for nicoot
    I won two tickets for their gig tomorrow (friday january 28th) in Botanique, Leuven (Belgium) but I can't go. Tickets will be reserved at the venue on MY name. Send me a message for the name and you get the entrance :-) No tickets to be transferred by mail or anything. Ah what the heck - the name is "Jan Van Acker" - go to the gig tomorrow night and you'll get the entrance tickets.
  • Avatar for emjee
    have just listened to the new album, before that I've never heard of phoenix foundation, have to say, great music! nice energetic kind of folk-ish indie rock :D
  • Avatar for magnescencja
    lovely band lovely music :) great job on eagle vs. shark <3
  • Avatar for SirNeilGlen
    HITCHCOCK + SEA WORLD are their best two, from the Eagle vs Shark soundtrack.
  • Avatar for bgatch
    how am i able to buy your albums?
  • Avatar for Hetekivi
    "Let me die a woman" is just an awesome song.
  • Avatar for thedevilrider
    Check out the new video fot 'Pot'. It's directed by Reuben Sutherland who made the 'Hitchock' video.
  • Avatar for thedevilrider
    Boom! Thanks scrobblers. Keep listening, we have to get Buffalo up into the top four albums.
  • Avatar for thedevilrider
    Hiya Wellington Scrobblers. There are still some tix for tomorrow nights show at San Fran Bathhouse...but Friday has completely sold out, so get in quick!
  • Avatar for thedevilrider
    All you Auckland Scrobblers come to The Powerstation on Friday.
  • Avatar for qwertyfla
    buffalo is golden.
  • Avatar for qwertyfla
    hopefully you guys will the get the fame you deserve now that iguessimfloating put some of your tunes up. america will certainly like you.


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