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The Pharcyde

Ya Mama (4:21)


  • hahaha this song is so dope we drove her to the drive in and she didnt have to pay because we dressed her up to look just like a chevrolet. this album is amazing
  • classic indeed. Always get me in a good mood :)
  • Classic!!!!!!!!!!
  • "ya mama's an extra on the simpsons!" what? BRILLIANT!
  • ridin on a horse drinkin whiskey out a bizzoot
  • this song still sucks LOL LOL OL OMG ROFL AHAHAHAHAAA!!!!!11one
  • Ya Moma got a peg leg with a kick stand!
  • Quality.
  • ya momma has glass eye with a fish in it!!!!lol
  • Theone5590 Ya momma's a sellout!
  • Simplistically dope.
  • hey Theone5590 YA MAMA is garbage! shits coo :)
  • Yo Mama needs some spank...
  • HILARIOUS song!!!!
  • Haha! Classic!
  • chooooone!!!
  • ♥♥♥The Baseline Is Funky!!!!!!!!♥♥♥
  • despite TheOne5590's negative opinion, i'm chuffed that everyone enjoys the humour of this cut. it reminds me of playing the dozens on the back of the bus back in elementary school. this song is fun...
  • Ya Mama, ya mama, ya mama!
  • Throwwwback!
  • Quality, love this track.
  • woow medio flow
  • yo mama got a glass eye with a fish in it...
  • cheers mama
  • Okay, but I find it funny. Just my opinion, though.
  • jav1zion - doesn't matter if I smoke or not, it won't change the fact that this song is fucking garbage. and weed is overrated, read a fucking book or something.
  • Un clásico !
  • Yeah!
  • Then you must taste something called WEED, it will help.For sure.
  • you know, for a track that's supposed to be funny, I don't really find this funny at all. matter of fact, I think it's pretty stupid to be honest... but hey, that's just me. don't take my word for it! the beat is hot though.
  • One of my favourites.
  • Ya mamma got playdoh teeth.
  • uh uh uh classssssic!
  • Ya mama!!!
  • some funny shit...
  • ya mama, ya mama, ya mama!
  • ya mama remix is wack...
  • love it! goodgreatgrand - very true!!!
  • this is the perfect embodiment of what is missing from rap nowadays.
  • this song brings me back and makes me feel alittle old lol
  • .......so glad my chinstrap doesn't show up in this picture..........
  • son la oooooooostia!,,buen trabajo!!yatedigo.
  • word up bro-shot!
  • ya moma walk outside with a 99 cent sign on her ass.
  • yo mama got snakeskin teeth....
  • a peg leg with a kickstand , love it
  • we dressed her up to look just like a Chevrolet.
  • thats dope


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