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    kakanya, не нужно столь радикальных мер) тут таких хватает)
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    Я потекла
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    Hey guys, I interviewed Rhys Ifans about his role in Greenberg and his work with the Peth, thought you might be interested: Thanks, Ethan
  • Avatar for chemicalamelia
    fantastic! in love with "Let's Go Fucking Mental" and "Sunset Veranda". It's a shame they are so underrated!
  • Avatar for dafunkystar
    amazing band. golden mile is going to be THE summer album of 2009.
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    "liam gallagher wannabe"??? are you f*cking serious? when have you ever seen either of the gallagher twats give beer to the audience, and flick their bare nipples to the crowd for a laugh. I went to the cwmparc gig tonight, it was brilliant. The band inc Rhys were ace. Its nice for once to see a band enjoying themselves onstage and laughing and smiling.. and fair play to Rhys for doing something he obviously enjoys and doing it well!
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  • Avatar for deathbysex The Peth in the Rhondda
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    secondfig, i think you must have caught rhys on a bad day - i saw them laast night and while it was true that he was certainly a bit 'hyper', Rhys was on good form, sang really well, and the whole gig was excellent! go see them again to give them another chance, they are worth it, i promise you!
  • Avatar for secondfig
    Saw them at the Astoria 2 on Saturday, and they were absolutely awful... - actually that's unfair, let me rephrase that - Rhys was absolutely awful, the band themselves were fine, in fact I felt sorry for them having to put up with an actor-wannabe-Liam Gallagher-poseur who was completely wasted, couldn't sing, couldn't talk and made himself look like an absolute tit. He managed to empty a fairly packed dancefloor within 3 songs and completey change my opinion of him (Rhys Ifans) - I used to quite like him and now I think he's an idiot.
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    Yea this album is fantastic. I knew that it would be. I guess this means it was worth the.... what was it? 3 years of waiting! I wish they would tour the US so bad!
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    Saw the last couple of minutes at Green Man Festival, it was very very terrible. The tent was full at the beginning of the set, and then gradually emptied as people realised how bad it was. Sub-Oasis (who I hate too), posturing, laddish rubbish with no charm or finesse, or songs...
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    anybody now where to listen to the Peth? Tried myspace no luck

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