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  1. Richmond, VA band formed in 2012, includes current members of Ostraca and This land is now dead..

    SWAN OF TUONELA (Self-Titled CS / Elicksir Tapes)…

  2. Solomon Solomon was an emo hardcore punk band from Annandale, VA from 2009-2012. Live shows usually included guitarist Ted Gordon giving a…

  3. Screamo band from Ocean City, MD.

  4. Emo from Alexandria, VA, started in winter 2010. Members are now in Caust, Kaoru Nagisa, Swan of Tuonela and Stay In.


  5. Memphis, United States (2006 – 2012)

    Adaje came together in October of 2006, playing their first show on a friend's gazebo for a halloween party…

  6. 7 piece screamo from annandale, va.

  7. Cabin Fire is a two-piece from Fresno, CA and started in October 2009. This duo combines elements of throat-tearing screamo and grind-fueled…

  8. Ma Catharsis Et La Mort . (Mi Catarsis y La Muerte)

    fabo : vox/guitar.
    manuel : vox/guitar
    xavier : vox/drum
    cristian : vox/4 strings


  9. Bloomington/Normal and Chicago, Illinois chaotic hardcore founded in November 2011. Gas Up Yr Hearse! is Pat, Kyle, Thom, Ben, Jake, and Lucero.…

  10. For Want Of - Smoke 10" available at

    Not just another emo band from the Austin punk scene.

    Free download of the For Want Of…

  11. the usual is a band from the shithole that is hagerstown, md. they play hardcore/ punk in the vein of bands like l'antietam and we were skeletons.…

  12. Meryl Streaker is a emo-violence band from San Diego, comprised of 3 members of Flowers Taped To Pens. Meryl Streaker plays Screamo with a dark…

  13. Tigerscout is a screamo band from various parts of Maryland.

  14. Atalanta is a screamo band from Chicago. They rule.

  15. Emotional hardcore from Carrboro, NC. Sad songs for cats and sometimes people.

  16. Screamo band from Toronto.

    FM is
    Matt B - Bass
    Darryl B - Drums
    Matt C - Vocals
    Rohan L - Guitar

    Hindsight (demo) on Anteduvia (009)…

  17. Biography:
    Screamo from the Quad Cities. 2 from Iowa. 3 from Illinois.

    Artists we also like:
    The Truth About Dreaming, Alta, Scowler, lord snow, Gas…

  18. We don't have a wiki here yet...
  19. An Emo/Hardcore band out of Concord, CA.


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