• [148] The Pentangle – Basket Of Light (1969)

    7 Jul 2009, 21:24 by Llorenza

    The PentangleBasket Of Light

    The Pentangle brings us back in more folkier atmospheres. If you ask me (who doesn’t know a lot about folk music) this album is quite typical folk music, but as it turns out it was quite a revolution in 1969 and rejected by folk purists. Djeez!

    The Pentangle mixes folk with a lot of influences, especially eastern ones, and jazz music. To be honest, I don’t really hear the jazz part, but I’m not that great a jazz connoisseur of course. The eastern influences however are obvious (the sitar in Once I Had A Sweetheart!) and really add something to the music: this is folk music with original sounds.

    The group was formed by John Renbourn and Bert Jansch, already popular solo, but they left most of the singing work to Jacqui McShee, whose voice reminds me very much of Joan Baez, but is even in higher regions than Joan’s voice. A very folky voice I’m not really that fond of. After some time I got used to it, but still… this kind of female voice (very ethereal) is not my cup of tea. …