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Ghosts are real. They are the residue of people, places and experiences as they exist in the present. There is only the moment, the Now. The future is not yet seen, and the past only exists in memories. Ghosts are our memories. They haunt us and yet show us the Path at the same time. So what are ghosts of Muses? They are the residual taint left in the memory and soul of a person, of something that was once very important, very inspiring. This album was created in an intense two-week period of sober reflection whereby Angus channeled these ghosts, that once were burning fires of passion: feelings about relationships, places, and thoughts. As if by magic *click* a spark was lit and the ghosts of muses past became reality. Emotions came flooding in, and you can hear it in his voice: the passion is there, yet there is something almost sinister about this album, something shadowy and definitively ghost-like, reflected in the intense leadenness of the beats and melodies. The feelings The Peach Tree invokes were dead, brought to Life. Thus a veil of Darkness, of Death and Decay is cast about the album, yet also of beauty and rebirth, akin to the spirit of the phoenix. Enjoy.

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