• wednesday shuffle

    13 Jan 2010, 22:07 by fakehead

    That'll Show Him (from A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum)

    I saw a very very local production of this show a few years back. I remember enjoying it quite a bit. The music was great- just what I would expect from Mr. Stephen Sondheim. This is a short and sweet song sung by the female lead. Don't really think much of it out of context, but it's pleasant nonetheless.

    I Really Love You Babe (Precision Debating)

    T. Rex is my main man. This track is from Precious Star. I bought this album last October while I was in Los Angeles. I remember listening to this song in particular on the drive back to the hotel. It's repetitive, but has a good beat and swagger. Could possibly get annoying after a while, though. I'm glad it's just 3 minutes long. I believe the only lyrics are, in fact, "I really love ya, babe" repeated throughout the entire song. Marc has better, for sure.

    Black Arrow, Bleeding Heart

    I first heard of Whiskeytown from their cover of Fleetwood Mac's Dreams. …