• Review: The Parlor Soldiers - When The Dust Settles (2011)

    24 Apr 2012, 02:20 by Saveall

    Review: The Parlor Soldiers
    When The Dust Settles (2011)
    Self Released (@ bandcamp.com)


    The Parlor Soldiers are a remnant army of three. Songwriters Alex Culbreth and Karen Jonas duet, harmonize and trade off guitar and drum roles. Bringing up the rear, or holding down the bottom is Dan Dutton on upright bass. It takes a lot of talent for three people and simple songs to hold your attention for a whole album. Culbreth and Jonas weave their voices together in Appalachian tapestry where one song has you breathing dust and the next laughing at the irreverent back and forth reminiscent of Johnny Cash and June Carter. Jonas' voice has the occasional quaver of June which might have thinking you're hearing a ghost, except June would never drop the M-F bomb. Culbreth too, sometimes holds a plaintive note that treads in Hank Williams territory.

    There is an otherworldly quality on most of the songs on their debut "When…