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  • Avatar for MosherSam13
    Saw them live on my birthday last year, amazing band and singer is one of the best I've ever heard live
  • Avatar for mybzis
    We need your help guys to bring back old last fm:
  • Avatar for rodolfonb
    os cara parece que tá indo pra festa infantil de halloween kkkkkkkkkkkkk
  • Avatar for bloody72
    pozdrowienia ze Śląska dla fanów The Other
  • Avatar for cleeed
    Their "The Place to Bleed" is awesome as hell. I'm not fan of horror-punk or punk at all, but all of their works and, definitely, that album, are incredible. I would prefer it to Misfits, and I don't give a shit, how eretico it sounds. I have no Misfit's tracks in my mind, that can beat the "Graveyard Rodeo" for me. Glad to find them :3
  • Avatar for S1D1991
    Greetings from Ukraine)
  • Avatar for apbild
    Love them
  • Avatar for StickyMike
    The Other!!! I got permission to use one of their amazing tracks in my upcoming skateboard film. I cannot get enough of this band. Please come to the USA!!! I would die to see them...
  • Avatar for noenahate
    мда, как будто ничего лучше в жанре хоррор просто не было. the other вторичны даже по отношению к blitzkid, я уж молчу про misfits.
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  • Avatar for Military_Lil
  • Avatar for MaestroPain
    Это самая прекрасная хоррор-группа ! ! ! Все альбомы потрясающие ! Они и Misfits - это лучшее что есть в данном жанре
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  • Avatar for dearenot
    need more songs in deutsch
  • Avatar for KoRnCHILD
  • Avatar for KoRnCHILD
    This band is better with every album. New Blood was awesome, and The Devils is Their best work!
  • Avatar for Epsilon_X2008
    Any of you who are into horror punk should help out DieMonsterDie raise money for their newest album! if they don't reach their goal, they get nothing, and that means new album. Help support horror punk!
  • Avatar for lacycek young horror punk band from Poland
  • Avatar for groverXIII
    [url=]"The Devils You Know", reviewed[/url].
  • Avatar for ayethevizier
    The OTHER Misfits.
  • Avatar for itsdead
    New album is so interesting. Like it very much.
  • Avatar for SparklingMicha
    Album-review THE OTHER - "The Devils You Know":
  • Avatar for itsdead
    Well, ok. Puppet on a String song is awesome.
  • Avatar for neddyramone
    bewere of ghouls
  • Avatar for Nathyfarias
    Tarantula ♥
  • Avatar for serega_ozz_deat
    Lover's Lane Впечатлила.
  • Avatar for itsdead
    This avapic wih Dr. is awesome.
  • Avatar for Conspiracyrocks
    If you like Horror Punk, then check out this band!
  • Avatar for Vovasikkk
    Download new official punk-clips of high quality
  • Avatar for PhAntOmEttA
    да - это другие Другие ))
  • Avatar for itsdead
    I want a new album.
  • Avatar for MaestroPain
    аааааа )) понял данке!
  • Avatar for Skeli_glove
    да уж, жжошь))) "ЭТО" другая группа с тем же названием))))
  • Avatar for MaestroPain
    Шо за выссань вышла недавно ? 15 октября две непонятные электронные песни ?? ЧТо ЭТО?
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  • Avatar for InsaneRockerV
  • Avatar for cyc2 demo of young horror punk band
  • Avatar for Electro_catze
    good band
  • Avatar for Nosebrah
    Hey fellow ghoulies!!!! If you enjoy Horror-punk with a burning passion that could rival the almighty hellfire then check out me and my friend's website! Wanna check out the latest reviews? Read awesome interviews with your favorite bands!? Then come check us out! And if you like what you see, then please "Like" our Facebook page! REMEMBER! There is no business, like horror business!!!
  • Avatar for SashaPrestig
    Fucking crazy
  • Avatar for Ivy_182
    You rocks guys, I have to go to Germany to see you. Greetings from Spain
  • Avatar for itsdead
    S1D1991. Омг. Ничего тупее я не слышал. Так же можно сказать о любом нормальном жанре музыки, сказав, что его портит *вставь сюда любое название русской говногруппы, делающей вид, что играет в этом жанре*.
  • Avatar for S1D1991
    horror punk довольно интересен.Но всё впечатление портит Король и Шут
  • Avatar for gudfrags
    The Other =))) Horror Punk )))
  • Avatar for The_Forgotton
    I'm not a horrorpunk buff by any means but I like the new album. It's like Misfits with a slice of Billy Idol.
  • Avatar for CelticStorm6
    Sehr gut! Aufm Wacken der Wahnsinn ;)
  • Avatar for KoRnCHILD
    i fell in love with new album when i played it 1st time <3 Great band!!
  • Avatar for alaniowayeah
    foda...fodastico...THE OTHER
  • Avatar for itsdead
    Great "melancholic" horror punk.
  • Avatar for Raz-Dva-Tri
    Saw them opening for Alice Cooper in Bonn. What a shit band. As long as you know how to yell "whooohoooo" you can sing along with everything.


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