Bratislava 27.01.2012.

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Here's a first one. We had never played a gig in Slovakia before and it turned out great in the end, it really did. The deal was to play three 40 min sets which was something new to us but it worked out fine. Usually we feel playing unknown songs to a new audience for more than an hour is not a good idea but we said this: Fuck it, when will we ever be able to play Bratislava again? Let's do this! (according to a recording of the conversation).
So we did it. Not wanting to repeat songs for lack of material (120min of music, hey man!!!) we played some of the ones we discarded as crap, some we hadn't played in at least seven years, some that are supposed to be on the new album and one cover. Not by Bob Dylan.
We also walked around town and almost froze to death, weren't able to find kebab anywhere, been bored to death by a drunken guy who claimed he was the first to attack police on an anti-government protest that afternoon and had a lot of pizza that had everything in and on it but salt. Could be a local tradition, not sure (Note to self: Check on Wikipedia).

Immature, really.

Bratislava for dummies.

Bratislava family photo.


Pissing fire.

McDonalds during G8 meeting.

Nice tree. He also did the walls, you know.

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